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Creating views based on ORG names

  • I can't believe this still hasn't been addressed in VSA.

    We need to create views which show only agents in certain customers (orgs). I know we can list them all in the group filter using the OR statement, but this is crazy. There has to be a better way to do this? An ORG level field which views can filter on?

    Has anyone found a more practical solution to this?

  • Agreed on the fact this has been an ongoing issue for the entire existence of the product.  However, yes there's an effective workaround if you have SQL access.

    1. Create a custom field for OrgName

    2. Assign an "interim value" to all agents for custom field (this ensures a record gets created for all agents in the custom field tables) -- something like "ToBeOverwritten"

    3.  Create a SQL Job to run once a day/week -- whatever makes sense -- that overwrites this custom field with the actual org name:  

    The query should loosely follow this (update last line to reflect your custom field name):

    4.  Now you can add this as a column in Manage Agents and sort/filter as needed, or reference in views.

    UPDATE vsys

    SET vsys.fieldValue = kasadmin.org.orgName

    FROM( SELECT        m.machName + '.' + m.groupName AS Machine_GroupID, m.groupName, c.agentGuid,  a.fieldName, c.fieldValue, m.partitionId

    FROM            dbo.auditRsltManualFields AS a


                            dbo.auditRsltManualFieldValues AS c ON a.id = c.fieldNameFK


                            dbo.machNameTab AS m ON c.agentGuid = m.agentGuid

    WHERE        (m.machName IS NOT NULL) )  vsys

    INNER JOIN dbo.MachGroup mg ON vsys.groupName = mg.reverseName

    INNER JOIN kasadmin.org ON mg.orgFK = kasadmin.org.id

    WHERE vsys.fieldName = '<CustomField For Org>'

  • Let me second on this issue. Just yesterday, again, I really need a view from agents that are scattered among 5 different organizations.

    My 'home' solution was to open 4 different browser, make login on all 4, them selecte my customers for each ORG in each windows... very cumbersome.

    I'm not good on SQL to follow the instructions above, but my idea would be something like: have an extra field for each AGENT, where I could create "Groups" then have a way to create a view based on my groups.

    It seams simple to implement (for me seams simple) and very practical. To group AGENTS like "Management" "operational", "Directors" so I could schedule different times to run heavy procedures, according to the hours that AGENT is less busy. I don't want to run MRT on the Director computer, at 5PM, when he/she is ready to go home and is just doing some last minute work, but by 4PM I can run it on "Operational" since all are off the factory already. Or, running procedures on all "HOME" computers, where the 'business hours' are different the a business office.

    Things like this.

    So it would be a good feature, in my opinion.


    Create a new view and save, for example: Management.

    Select 'Only show selected machine ids' under 'Machine Filter'

    Click on '0 machines selected'

    You can make a selection by group id and add machines to the selected view.

    It's a manual procedure but it works

    The other option is to create a Custom Field from the audit menu and name it 'Groups'.

    Fill the fields manually with the tags "Management", "operational", "Directors" etcetera.

    Now you can create views which show these specific machines. Use the 'Advanced agent data filter' for specific filtering.

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  • Thank you for providing that information Patrick.

    Perhaps I missed something on the original request but this functionality has been available for some time.  

  • What I would love to see is viewing Maching groups based off the Org name.   We have quite a few clients where the machine group may be an acronym something different than the org name.  So if someone called from "Company Brothers Inc" They could search by that name and not the machine group which would be something completly different. I think Org names as a whole need to be integrated more.  For instance, Reporting. If i could group by Organizaion Name or Description and not machine groups.. that would be huge for us.