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Export/Import and preserve security - possible??

  • We're moving to a new VSA platform as part of a hardware refresh.

    I'm trying to perform a supposedly "simple" task - export views from my current prod server to the new server. I figured I would do this in Dev first.

    I select 2 views and export them. One is not shared, the other has 9 roles assigned, including the Master role. These roles represent all levels of access in VSA, and have been defined in Dev to match Prod. 

    Export from prod, import to Dev - works, but only the Master role exists after import.

    I created a view in Dev, assigned all the roles to it, and exported it. Comparing Dev and Prod, the names in the security section match, but the IDs are different - AHA! I thought.. I made a copy of my Prod export, then edited it to replace the security descriptors with the ones from Dev - right names and IDs.

    Import, view exists, check the share permissions and Master and one additional Role are present. Clearly, it identified the proper Role at least once, what about the other 8??

    One more note - the test view I created in Dev has all 9 roles - export, delete the view, import the file I just exported, and it only has the two roles. So - I can't even export and import from the same system and retain the security settings.

    I have almost 500 views to migrate, first to Dev, then Prod, then our SaaS instance (so can't do any fancy SQL stuff..). Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I'm not looking forward to having to manually update all these views.



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  • Opened a ticket with Kaseya - this is a verified bug. Seems to me that this worked at least back in 9.2 and earlier.


  • I know there's a migration tool, created by Kaseya, that was used in our migration scenario a few months ago. We went from an old server, that served is for 7 years of updates and upgrades, to a freshly installed server.

    All export and import tasks were handled by the tool or default Kaseya functionality. We've run into a few unpleasant issues,but this should do the trick. You can mention Josh Davey as someone who can work magic in migration scenarios....

  • Thanks! I'll bring that up in this week's meeting.