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Anyone seeing unexpected Windows 10 forced updates today?

  • We have seen a number of Windows 10 November Update (1511/10586) computers update to Fall Creators (1709/16299) unexpectedly today. The updates appear to be coming directly from Microsoft and not through Kaseya. 

    I have noted that the Anniversary Update 1607/14393 support end tomorrow.

    Anyone else seeing this?

  • try blocking this KB4023814. it is what you are seeing

  • Kaseya isn't actually able to do much, unless you completely want to block any updates. There are tools, but the effects and how to use them, gets changed regularly. You can google the current state of affairs...

    However support for the 1511 version has been retired for months, and 1607 support (Anniversary update) will follow this month, so not sure why you want to keep using these old versions. You won't have access to security updates anymore and that doesn't seem like a good move.

    Microsoft has become increasingly insistent in upgrading old Windows 10 versions. They extend support for major releases for about 1,5 years and currently only Microsoft has the tools to really manage the upgrades/updates for big versions. You can use an Automation Exchange option to force an upgrade, but it's not too reliable when we tested it. Not sure why that was.

  • Thanks for the feedback. The major Windows 10 updates have never auto deployed until suddenly a few days ago they started installing on just 1511 machines.

  • here is an article related to this www.ghacks.net/.../report-forced-windows-10-version-1709-upgrades-that-bypass-windows-update