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Post Installation incomplete, missing SEC.SQL

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Hi everyone.

I Installed Kaseya 9.5 before the weekend on a clean Windows 2016 std machine. First of all probs on the installer + fix it options. You guys made it too easy!

After the installation a browser opens to perform the post install steps, and it stops right around 95% with the error that 'sec.sql' is missing, and it cant continue. I re-ran the installer and the post install, but it failed again.

If the sec.sql is generic, could you supply it to me? Or am I doing something wrong?

Best reagards,


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  • As a guess, I would try looking in C:\Kaseya\DBInstall\SEC\table\ for SEC.SQL to see if it is present or missing.

    We haven't moved from 9.4 to 9.5 yet though so I am not sure what the folder structure in 9.5 is.

  • We had the same problem, schema folder was not even available in the C:\Kaseya\DBInstall\SEC\ folder. Created a ticket with support and they provided the missing files for us.

  • Please create a support ticket via helpdesk.kaseya.com and reference ticket number #229885 - Support can assist at that point providing the steps needed to add the file and update you on the status of this issue.

  • Same issue installing a fresh 9.5 - we had an engineer verify and provide us with the missing file inside of 10 minutes. Reran the Apply Schema and everything ran to completion.

    I'm a bit surprised that the download package hasn't been updated by now. :o


  • same issue here,  do not understand why the package is not updated yet.

  • One would think the package would've been updated after several of you had the same issue, but apparently not. Had to have a support tech jump in with the updated SEC folder contents. (We also ran into a 'localhost' issue where logging in locally at the KServer resulted in "Oops. Something went wrong." Sigh.)

  • All, i did our upgrade last night from 9.4 to 9.5 took about 1 hour. After the installs, a server reboot was required. After reboot, the Reapply Schema launched and failed with "page can not be displayed".

    Opened support ticket with Kaseya and they called me back in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. Kudos to Support. Engineer knew exactly what was wrong (The Kaseya Edge Service service didn't get installed. Fixed by reinstalling the service from the kaseya directory). Reapply Schema then run without any issues.

    We did not run up against the SEC Folder issues (but after reading everyone comments, contacted Kaseya and they gave me the files to pre-stage in case needed)

    Took a while for our 11,000 agents to check back in, but testing of modules proved to have no issues. Remote Control was just as fast as 9.4.

    Only pending issue carried over is the inability to add a manual asset into Kaseya Network Monitor. We have been advised though the fix has been created and will be released with the patch (scheduled for release March 15, 2018 per Support)

  • Had the same issue as Adam Wall.

    Some services wouldn't start and I saw dependencies on Kaseya Network Monitor service which was no longer present after the restart.  As such, the Schema update aborted as well according to KaseyaEventService.log

    To resolve, executed:

    c:\kaseya\services\KaseyaEdgeservices.exe -install -dep:KaseyaDirectoryIntegrationService,"Kaseya Network Montitor"

    Then continued the installation:

    Searched for and executed 'Reinstall database schema" which is a link from C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Kaseya\

    Kudos to support for responding pretty quickly for a Sunday morning.

  • After reading through this, it seems justified to suggest a reason for the efficient way support handles issues. They are known issues and have to be solved every time... and if that's true, it shouldn't be.

    These install files should've been fixed to prevent this from even happening. It makes us users trust Kaseya, being able to get it right the first time and not waste time for support and their userbase. That being said our experiences with sev 1 issues are good, with support being responsive and knowledgeable...