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Objects Disappear when moving to a new folder - Policies & Procedures (so far)

  • After upgrading to 9.5, I noticed that moving a Policy or Procedure from one folder to another caused that object to "disappear". In fact, even moving an object within a folder to change it's sequence resulted in the object disappearing.

    If you export the folder, the missing object is not there. If you go to Import Center, you can find the object and export it. It says it is in the folder where you last saw it, even though it isn't visible there. An interesting discovery was that the "folderId" value for all visible objects defined in the exported XML file were the same, but the missing object had a different value. I modified the odd value to match all the others and was able to import all of the procedures back into VSA. After deleting the original folder, I was also able to move the objects from the Import Center folder to the desired folder - CAREFULLY!

    What I found is that if you drag the object and drop it DIRECTLY on the folder icon, it moves properly. If you are a pixel off, or try to drag it into the folder between other objects (even though it shows a Green Check icon), it will disappear.

    I have ticket #228639 open for this issue, it's been confirmed and escalated to engineering for a fix. I'm posting this as FYI and a potential workaround to get any missing objects back prior to a fix being available. 


  • Oh, that's super-exciting. Part of our Procedure dev process is moving things into their proper folders after they come out of testing by a given tech...

  • This is happening to me in procedures and reports

  •  We are experiencing that same symptom of loosing procedures after drag and drop. Did K-Support ever solve your issue?

  • No - I'm told it is with engineering in this week's sprint.

    Odd thing - it's happening on our prod server (on-prem), our SaaS instance (dev), but not on our on-prem dev server. I just imported 200+ procedures yesterday and moved EVERY ONE of them to a new folder structure without losing a single one. (knocks wood!)


  • i still have this issue.. worked for hours on a perfect report dragged it to the production folder and it is gone.. this started after the most recent update to 9.5 as of April 2018

  • Andrew,

    Export ALL the objects via Import Center - it should be visible there.

    Edit the exported XML - compare the "missing" object with the other objects - the "folderId" will probably be different for the missing object. Replace the folderId to match the others.

    Delete the folder with all objects, then import the edited XML file. It should return all objects, including the missing one.

    This has worked for me to recover half a dozen objects that disappeared while re-organizing things. It's a PITA, but at least a solution.


  • Glenn,  yes this is a known issue, I have tickets open as well for various partners.  Thanks for the info on the export/import.   Looking forward to getting that fixed.

    Not sure it is limited to 9.5, I feel like at least 1 of the clients was still on 9.4.

  • This same thing happened to me with an Agent Procedure. I am not moving anything anymore. I also put a ticket in and its a known issue.... quite a known issue!

  • Still seeing this on

  • Hmm, doesn't have release notes yet, as I just noticed...

  • I have been moving the objects and dropping them directly ONTO the folder rather than INTO the folder, and this has proved to be a reliable workaround.

    I'm going to be escalating some of these issues today.


  • I've just published a Blog article on how to run a SQL Query to recover (un-hide) the missing policies.


    I verified this in Dev, and then recovered policies on a customer's production server using this SQL Update Query method - results are instantaneous*.

    *Well - you'll probably need to refresh the page. :)