(This is a re-post from Oscar Romero on the Traverse forum - wanted to make sure you all saw it/were aware of the patch)

Hey Guys,

New Traverse Patch was just released:




Live Connect session is now re-launched automatically after initial OAuth authorization within VSA is established.



Device settings panel now provides an explanation for the icon shown while it is being scanned for available monitoring metrics.



Audit log entries are now created when a user attempts to launch a (VSA) Live Connect session.


Updating integration settings as superuser now provides visual feedback indicating success or failure when applying the changes.



A server component related to the on-demand remote tunnel feature has been upgraded in order to address known security vulnerability; Users are urged to upgrade to latest version of Traverse to mitigate the risk.


Performance optimization has been implemented while loading status and other details of departments via REST API.


A security vulnerability related to the key pair used by the on-demand remote tunnel feature has been addressed; Users are urged to upgrade to latest version of Traverse to mitigate the risk.


Fixed an issue where certain database schema on the BVE were not updated when upgrading from version 9.3 or earlier on Windows platform.


Fixed an issue where generating a large report containing message events (eg. Windows EventLog) could result in exhausting all available memory resource allocated to the Web Application.


Fixed an issue with discovering tests on VMware hosts on consistent basis via vCenter server.


Fixed an issue with Network Configuration Management feature against certain devices where multiple versions of a configuration file were marked as the current item.


FIxed an issue when the Flow Analysis console where drill-down operation from test history was not passing the correct time range.


Fixed an issue where a user's locale could not be updated using the 'user.update' BVE API command with "localeLanguage" and "localeCountry" parameters.


Fixed an issue where Live Connect related queries against VSA were not performed using the protocol specified in integration settings.


Fixed an issue where users with read-only role were still able to change their own user preference settings.


Fixed an issue related to analysis of VMware ESXi configuration that should improve the quality of network topology discovery.


Fixed an issue with test baseline management workflow where invocation from device status view ignored the selected device context.


Updated device signature to use formatted WMI counter for monitoring CPU load metric on Windows servers.


Test schedule names on bulk administration workflow now includes the department names as prefix when logged in as an admin user to properly distinguish them.


Fixed an issue on discovery view where links to create/update discovery jobs were visible to read-only users.


Fixed an issue with Flow Analysis console where user had to click outside the data point to activate it when a single bar was visible.


Labels printed on the x-axis of Flow Analysis chart have been optimized for clarity.