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VSA Agent installs to C:\Program

  • When we install the kaseya agent on a new machine it shows the install path as "C:\Program" 
    I have tried to set the install path using the t switch, created a new install package but neither work 
    Installing with an old installer (9.4) installs to the correct path

    Anyone else see this?

  • When you say "neither work," where does the program install to?  Still at C:\ Program?  Try setting your install path as something like "C:\Program Files" with the quotation marks in the switch.  

  • I have this switch set: /p "C:\Program Files\XXXX" it will install to the folder "C:\Program"

    Removing that option lets the agent install to the default path. (%ProgramFiles%)

    Sorry I put /t in the post before

    The other day when i created the new package it was doing the same thing. It is now not doing that so I do not know if I was running the wrong installer or had the switch set and did not realize it

  • It's a bug. Please open a ticket with Support and mention ticket #221882.

  • Thanks, I just updated my ticket with that. my ticket number is #229227 if that helps

  • That helps! Thanks.

  • Elarsen and jordan thanks alot it was a great help  thanz for sharing