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Vacation tech

  • Hello, i´m struggling with this topic, in the VSA Service Desk exist a way to automatically change the ticket assignee if that techician it is on vacation? I don´t find the way configure something like that.

    Someone know how i can do something similar in the SD?

    Any help i will appreciate it

  • If you're using Service Desk on-prem, our Multi-Tool has several time calculation capabilities that might help code this. This would need to work with a couple of custom fields - TECH-UNAVAILABLE, for example - one per tech. If the current date was in the range of the <TechID>-UNAVAILABLE record, you could tell that they were not available and select a different tech.

    The Multi-Tool adds 60 Math, string manipulation, time calc, logic, and proper comparison functions to Service Desk. See the Automation Exchange. We're looking into how we can make this available in SaaS.


  • Mmm ok, and you bring the deployment information, if the company gets that add on ?

  • It's not that difficult to use. You can download a copy from our web site (www.mspbuilder.com). It will provide 6 of the available 60 functions live on your VSA for learning & testing. You can run the app on your PC with access to all 60 functions for learning how the data is presented and returned. There's a full user guide for the app that lists every function and has examples for most. The custom fields in Service Desk are a standard feature that your SD Procedures can access. The challenges in SD are the time calculations and string manipulations that this type of process would need, and that's what the Multi-Tool provides.