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VSA 9.5

  • With SM we have also noticed there is no distribution window for when machines are scheduled. We also saw there is no "Skip if machine is offline"

    We are testing to see if that will be a problem

    I have not tried to use policies for SM yet. We use them alot as well so i will have them checked today to see if we have the same limitations

  • I ran a test and scheduled an update on 10 machines at once with Software Management and it never went over 5 machines running at the same time.  We are testing on 4 clients right now that we consider to have "minimal patch requirements." So far so good. I  would say my biggest compaint is if you deny a patch it still shows as a vulnerability.  We had to get pretty clever with reporting to get something to those clients to show they are patched. It would be great if that could get a adjusted.  Another thing that I do not like is I can only import patch overrides from patch management once. Given we plan on switching over a long period of time, any patches denied over that period wouldn't be picked up since we clicked the migration button.

  • Was anyone actually able to use the new PowerShell command on LiveConnect? I tried on several computers after updating the agents and LiveConnect and I can't even type a character.

  • It works fine. May want to clear out your web cache files after a full uninstall. Then reinstall afterwards.

  • I agree entirely with Tim: solidify the current platform before adding new features.  

  • Been using Kaseya since 2013 since v6.5. The lack of "new features" in 9.5 is actually a breath of fresh air. What the long-time users want most is improvements on old/existing features/functionality. They are providing this. We've also wanted improvements behind the scenes. Support and account management has vastly improved in the past 2 years since v9.2.

    In the past many promises were made (maybe about new features) and not kept. They have recently become more realistic with their promises and in the past 2 years are following through.

    So anyways someone who has been with Kaseya for 1yr is going to look at the release notes differently than someone who has been with them 5 years.

    That being said, I will be waiting 4-6 months after the 9.5 release before we upgrade for one fact - I know from 5 years of experience there will be bugs when it first drops and it takes time to get them resolved.

  • I couldn't agree more. A few years ago myself and others were rather vocal here in the forum begging for Kaseya to focus on improving existing pieces of the VSA instead of throwing out half baked new features constantly and now that is actually happening and there's a bunch of comments and concerns that there is a lack of new features.

    I will admit that I agree with some of the comments along the lines of 9.5 could have just been a patch update to 9.4, but really I don't care much about the version numbers. I am a bit disappointed that Kaseya has handled the release announcements for 9.5 as if it were another major upgrade when some of the things they have touted as added to 9.5 are actually external (like the automation exchange and feature pack update) and have nothing to do with 9.5 specifically, but they have to have SOMETHING in the announcement to give it some talking points i guess. Truly the only thing to me that's really new in 9.5 is the new Software Management module and maybe the improved TAP stuff. Powershell in LiveConnect is neat, but it's not game changing.

    I am however VERY happy to see that when you dig into the release notes there are TONS of things that have been updated or fixed. Again I kind of feel like most (if not all) of these could have just been rolled out as 9.4 patches and the 9.5 number could have been saved for a larger release with some bigger changes or features rather than fixes.

    I'd be fine with less major releases and more patches.

  • I totally agree...  I even went ahead and tested the Cloud Backup addon and it was worthless and basically did not work 90% of the time. Tech support was unable to address the issues so i did not purchase it and went another direction.

    On the other issues like Warranty Master seriously N-Able and Labtech have this information as part of the core. but Kaseya bills for everything additional so basicly you are not able to do much with the core and then are told you have to spend more to get what should be part of any basic RMM

  • We moved over to N-Able years ago and have been satisfied overall.  We run a legacy system (bought perpetual licenses) based on version 8.x of the VSA for one of our larger clients.  We left Kaseya primarily because we found the product to be very buggy and support to be sub-par.

  • You were charged for warranty master functionality within the VSA?  If so, please PM me as this should and is not the case.

  • Wait, Warranty Master should be part of VSA?  We had to pay for it as well.

  • I asked Tech Support how to get the warranty information in Kaseya working as it does not work currently. They told me I would have to purchase an add on module called Warranty Master.

  • To be clear, kaseya has warranty master support built in at no (additional) cost, in that the 9.5 database has fields for warranty data present.

    you sill have to pay warranty master to populate the fields via an integration module sold by warranty master to you.

    i.e. you pay warranty master to insert their data into your VSA's database. This is where the cost comes from - kaseya's part is free/included...warranty master's part, is not.

    you could also write your own solution to populate these fields, or even have a tech key in the data by hand, one agent at a time. It's not limited only to warrantymaster.

  • Warranty Master used to be REALLY low-cost at $39/month.  Since the integration it has come up to $199/month for the 6000 that we support.  That being said, the integration works great and the Warranty Masters reporting is an excellent tool for your sales staff.

    Save yourself some headache and check them out.

  • hey guys we bailed at v6.5 after using Kaseya for 4 years but am circling back to see how things  have improved but I am seeing the same complaints I had 4 years ago.  Anyone care to agree or disagree with me?