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VSA 9.5

  • Not wanting to be negative but I'm overwhelmingly underwhelmed with this release announcement. Have not been granted the right to install it just yet but after watching the video and reading the announcements I would say:

    Live Connect - Powershell support, ok nice, but can't see this adding much to our daily tasks

    Live Connect - File transfer improvements, about time. Until drag'n'drop works flawlessly, no big deal and even then, no big deal.

    Cloud Backup - This is a paid addon, don't use it, don't care

    Loads of included automation - ok, but none of this relates to the core VSA and would have been available with or without 9.5

    Better ticketing - BMS is a paid addon, don't use it, don't care

    Better ticketing - Other improvements, I assume this relates to service desk - don't use it, don't care

    New technology - Developer SDK - nothing for us here except maybe warrantymaster integration which again is a paid addon and anyway this used to work back in 9.2 or thereabouts before it got killed for some reason.

    100's of fixes - I would certainly hope so. These should have been dealt with as patches. I was hoping I paid for these bugs to be fixed last year!

    And that's it??? I've just paid a new car's worth of maintenance renewals so that I can pay even more if I want to use the extra "features", which I don't.

    Am I being harsh? Even the paid addon module features look pretty unexciting to me.

  • Couldn't agree more - I left half way through the webinar as it was obvious the core VSA "announcements" were over.

    Why is Adobe Flash still a requirement in 9.5?!

  • I agree, there is no highlight for us, one year of payment for nearly nothing. I wonder what does take 1 year (9.4 is from 2016) for that 9.5 Version?

  • I was really stoked about TAP support on SaaS however there is no indication on how to get this working. The instructions on automation exchange are still for on-prem and installing executables. Personally, powershell was a nice addition but still I have to agree somewhat with the above reactions.

    The only thing I can say positive though, is Kaseya has done more with their VSA in the last year or 2 than many other vendors. Labtech is still using a horrendous UI and new players like Ninja still haven't implemented deal-breaking features that were promised from day 1.

  • You overlooked the new software management module that replaces legacy patching.

    You overlooked the KAV update to Kaspersky 10.3

    I still have numerous fundamental bugs going as well - many old as well as couple of new in 9.5.

    I do tend to agree though - it's been quite a time period for not a lot of new features.

  • I hope that this is another period of "stabilizing" the platform on the newest (9.5) version before forging on with new and innovative items rather than us reeling from the fallout of some internal house cleaning.

  • @CraigHart

    S/w management - The 3rd party stuff is a paid addon

    S/w management - Replacing "legacy" patching, an enhancement of sorts but not really "extra" or new

    KAV - Paid addon

    My comments stand. Would be happier if there were no or substantially lower maintenance fees. Yes, I know that's not how it works.

    But no new release in 2017. Not good value for last year's renewal fees then.....

    As you point out, many older bugs not dealt with and new ones appearing within 9.4/9.5

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  • @TimV - Thanks, but I think I can safely speak for the community here when I say we are looking for both stability *and* innovation for the renewal fees that we pay. And not new functionality available only by paying extra for additional modules/licenses.

    I don't want to have to say it again, but there was no new s/w release in 2017 at all. And now the 9.5 release seems to have little in the way of innovation in the VSA Core.

  • @MikeRoz - Flash is only needed for the Procedure Editor AFAIK. Agreed, should have been rewritten ages ago.

  • you sound very negative. Just because Kaseya hasn't done anything that you consider to be of of high value your specific subset of most used features, doesn't mean Kaseya has done nothing.

    I agree for the time frame I would have expected more, but the fact is that there has been work done in many areas. I also agree Kaseya could do more to clearly outline a roadmap and be able to stick to it. e.g. many people still don't know that KES, BUDR etc are end -of life modules they need to be migrating away from.

    As one of the other posters said, i think this is a time of consolidation - bug fixes and prep work behind the scenes representing the bulk of the changes, which doesn't translate into visually obvious differences at the UI level. But for sure, these changes need to happen to enable the next step forward.

    I just hope it doesn't take a further year to realize the next round of improvements in what will be 9.6.

  • The discussion is broad and unfortunately translates to different outcomes for different use scenarios. Work is being done and we don't use most of it, and that makes you think of money wasted.

    I know Dana Epp did come out and 'explain' the way forward to a more stable platform is by replacing code in Kaseya that's been around since day 1 and hasn't been touched in years. The new stuff, like Agent Endpoint Fabric, impacts everything you do and can do with Kaseya and that translates to heaps of work to modernize code, without seemingly making any progress.

    I can only agree this does seem meaningless and without value at first glance, since you don't get new shiny tools and beautiful things to use and dazzle your customers. There has to be a balance with Kaseya performing this task, that as an ex-programmer, I can fully relate to and has to happen (and has been delayed and forgotten about in years gone by) and balancing this with the need for actual progress. New modules, overhauled modules that can achieve things you're not being able to do now.

    So, am I disappointed the core of Kaseya hasn't really changed in these past years? Sure I am. The VSA core needs a refresh  badly, but it can only be done reliably when old code has been overhauled. Personally I believe Kaseya has gone the long and winding, narrow road, not an easy sell to all customers. But it will result in a stable product and I would expect this to be done for a large part in 9.6. Will my hopes be realized or will new bumps in the road make the wait longer....

    Kaseya, care to comment?

  • i must say that i kind of agree with TeamNetwork.

    patch management has not been touched and cannot be sorted or filtered, the UI is outdated and old.

  • Hey Craig, have you seen the Software Management Module more stable than the legacy patching. im still trying to figure out why we dont even have it in our VSA (requested it many times). we have issues ( with patch reporting never matching machines, etc, we are slated for 9.5 upgrade next week. I have been a beta tester and kaseya user since VSA 4.5. we have multitudes Network Monitor issues (discovery not transferring to KNM [support ticket], unable to manually add an asset [support ticket], unable to get proper patch reporting [support ticket].

    i follow you extensively as you always provide the best feedback, just curious as to Software Management and KNM in 9.5


  • We updated our prod VSA to 9.5 last weekend. Introduced a bug that made a key policy disappear, but it still exists and is applied, can be exported and imported, but after importing and moving it to the proper folder, it disappears again! Very strange. It's holding up the import of nearly 100 new policies.

    Our biggest challenge with Software Management is that it doesn't play nicely with Policies, and we use policies for everything (almost 300). The Patch Management policies are "layered", with one policy applying configuration settings to all servers, and a second policy defining the actual reboot/patch schedule. The Software Management policies work as overrides, so I can either have configuration or schedule by policy, but not both (at least not with separate policies). This means lots of manual work, either defining extra info in many policies or manually applying the settings and using policies for the schedules.

    Another Software Management concern I have is that 9.5 was supposed to increase the number of available / supported products being updated. When it's demoed, there are a dozen or more pages of products. On 9.4, we had just 2 pages, and that's still the case after the 9.5 update. I'm building 3 new 9.5 platforms this week (prod 1 & 2 and dev) and will see if this changes with a fresh VSA install.

    I already have several pages of minor issues to discuss at the council meeting next week.


  • - watch this space. I've only delved into SM this week, testing it against one client whom we have a VERY good relationship with - hence they'll tolerate us if something goes bad.

    At first glance, i'm somewhat pleased with it, except that you seemingly can't un-approve a patch and deny it later [e.g. if you discover after a period of time that the patch is bad and want to stop rolling it out].. That's a major issue for us.