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How many of you are currently using Traverse?

  • Happy Monday everyone! Thread title says it all. How many users on the board are utilizing Traverse for their business? Want to get your thoughts on the product and if it has it helped you out.

  • We started using Traverse a over 6 months ago and it has been a challenge for us to say the least. We thought Traverse would be the replacement for Solarwinds but have not been able to get Traverse implemented through the organization.

  • Thanks for your post . Can you elaborate on the challenges you have faced?

  • Buster I'll give you a call.


    Sergio Galindo, GM Traverse

  • We're just at the beginning of working with Traverse.  We did 4 hours of implementation/training/setup with Kaseya and looks good so far.

  • That's great to hear ! I'd love to discuss your Traverse instance with you a little bit down the road once you've become even further settled with the product.