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Anyone know what happens when you un-check "Enable alarm generation"?

  • We often get notifications from our hosting center that they are going to do something that will break connectivity in the wee hours of the morning.    It would be great if we could schedule the disabling/enabling of alarms for that period, instead of setting the alarm clock to do it manually!

    Does anyone know what gets changed in the database when this is checked/un-checked?   I was thinking if it was a simple field change, we could script a SQL command to enabled.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Table: alertAgentOffline

    Field: createAlarm

    0 = 'Create Alarm' unchecked

    1 = 'Create Alarm' checked

  • I just reread your comment and realized that might not have been what you were looking for. The above post is for Monitor -> Alerts -> Agent Status, the Create Alarm check box. If that isn't it, let me know and I can try to help.

  • , thanks, but that is for a specific alert.   I am referring to the System tab settings where you enable/disable ALL alerts on a server.

    Technically what you are proposing would work, but we would have no easy way to flip them back!

  • I don't have that. I'm interested to know as well.

    When we do any Kaseya maintenance, we disable outbound e-mail using the stored procedure DisableEmail.

    After maintenance, we run the following to clear the outbound e-mail queue:

    DELETE FROM [email] WHERE sendStatus = 0

    and then this to enable email:

    DECLARE @rowCount INT

    SELECT @rowCount = COUNT(*)

    FROM Hermes.[Event] E

    WHERE EventDesc='Email Readert Daemon' OR EventDesc='Mail Sender Daemon'

    IF @rowCount = 0 BEGIN


    SET @now = GETDATE()

    EXEC Hermes.AddUpdateEvent @EventID = @eid OUTPUT, @EventDesc = 'Mail Sender Daemon', @EventEndpoint = 'System.EmailDaemonPlugin.EmailDaemonPlugin', @Data = NULL, @DataFileSpec = NULL, @EventIntervalTypeID = 20, @EffectiveDate = @now, @ExpirationDate = '2199-12-31 00:00:00.000', @IntervalIncrement = 2, @CreateOwnerCalendarEntries = 0, @NotifyOwnerOnStartAndCompletion = 0, @NotifySubscribersOnCompletion = 0, @OwnerUserName = '*System*', @OwnerCoveredPassword = '*System*', @StartNotificationNote = NULL, @CompletionNotificationNote = NULL, @SuspenseIntervalTypeID = 3, @SuspenseIntervalIncrement = 1, @SuspenseExpirationEventID = 0, @SuspenseExpirationNote = NULL, @ErrorEventID = 0, @ErrorNote = NULL, @PreparationEventID = 0, @PreparationEventData = NULL, @Active = 1, @UpdatedBy = 'jjondle', @OrgCalendarScheduleId = 0, @RunCount = 0, @Now = NULL, @PartitionId = 1