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Service Desk Procedure ?

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I am trying to associate a "MachineGroup" to a ticket thru a stage entry procedure but it never seems to work. Does any one tried this step before. I have tried using the variable also tried giving the values directly but none of them seems to work. Could any one can test this and let me know how it behaves ?. Currently i am doing the test on the Kaseya SaaS server.

If somebody known the answer, please share with me, i will appreciate it.

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  • Hi @alonzo, use Organization instead of Machine Group, that should tidy it up.

  • Hi @JB1975, yeah that will help, but if i want to simulate the options that already exist in Ticketing > Email Mapping in the Service Desk Module.

    How i do? Because the option in email mapping of "Associate ticket with" could be an organization, a group machine, etc...

  • Hi , you could try using a ticket request mapping procedure and use the If testTicketProperty step set to look for the domain name, then map to the required organization as in the attached.

    You could also do this in a stage entry procedure but you would need to change the If step from testTicketProperty to testIncidentProperty.

    The ticket property you are assigning could be machine, machine group, organization, full machine name etc.