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Interesting Results from the 2017 IT Ops Survey!

  • Today is a big day here at Kaseya as we released the 2017 results from our annual IT Ops Survey: https://www.kaseya.com/resources/best-practices/it-operations-survey-results-2017

    Has anyone had a chance to go through the data yet? One thing that stood out in particular to me is that while survey respondents thought that security is a priority (40% of respondents answered that maintain privacy and securing data is the top IT challenge this upcoming year) when asked to rank their top IT concerns cybersecurity doesn’t even break into the top three.

    This means that despite the largely publicized breaches so far in 2017, cybersecurity still is not a top priority for most enterprises.

    Does this surprise you? I. for one, found this to be pretty shocking. Was there anything else you found in the responses to be revealing?

  • Any way we can get a copy without sending marketing our contact info....again?  As it is I get multiple marketing posts from our channel vendors every time there is an update because they seem to re-add me every time I fill out one of these forms