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  • no response on this thread from Kaseya?  Wow.

  • Seems not, but I have noticed that support have been very active on trying to get as many of our tickets closed as possible this week, prior to attending KC Europe at the start of October ;-p

  • NB: Beta testers are not permitted to publicly comment on beta products.

  • I'm going to jump in here  and +1 to the n'th degree what others have been saying.  Several of the major outstanding bugs are beyond annoyance - they're game stoppers for us.  And I'm not talking about some specialized functionality, this is *core* functionality, such as proper disk space monitoring or KRC functionality that is broken.

    I think everyone here understands and appreciates the complexity inherent in a product like Kaseya, but what we cannot understand is why core functionality and service goes update after update without being corrected.

  • We upgraded to 9.4.  Now our WOL is not working.  After spending considerable time trying to resolve the issue, I opened a ticket with support.  They came back with "...it's a known issue...will be prioritized and addressed in a future patch...no ETA at this time."  Is anyone else having this issue and, if so, do you have any workarounds?

  • I agree totally 9.5 should be the last thing on their plates. If it is so important to add innovations to your product that you forget that you have to have functionality of a product before it is used. Then Kaseya has lost sight of what product development and support means. We need something that works and permits us to support our customers before we need new shiny things. That is what our business is based on not having to tell customers sorry we can't help with that right now due to a bug.
  • As a workaround we have an agent procedure that asks for a MAC address, and sends over a tiny wol.exe file and passes it the MAC specified.  Obviously you need to run that against a host/server that is up and on the same network as the machine you are attempting to wake.      And this obviously does not help in a situation where you wish for say patch management to WOL the network for patching..

  • Gotta agree on all of their feedback here....

    What i find most frustrated is the Kaseya support team, most of us as Kaseya customers, some of us has some level of technical knowledge in Kaseya, so most of us would have done some degree of troubleshooting and when we can't get that fix, we then contact the Kaseya support, so what will Kaseya support will usually do?

    1- Doing the same troubleshooting step as we did again and ask us to do the same.

    2- If the issue still persist, (Which usually does) they will then say they need to escalate it further,

    Point number 1 will take at least 3 working days....or 5 sometimes, then escalation time will be another 3 working days maybe....at least...

    By the time it takes for all this to happen, we probably like in the stage of already finding a work around and other reasons....and sometimes i'll be like "You know what? forget it, lets just close the ticket"

    You know what is my worst experience?

    I reset the kaseya support account in VSA  to for them to access in, i gave them the password that i tried from my side 100 percent working, and after i submit the ticket, it took 2 days for their reply and say "The password is not working" and when i tested that it is working , i ask them to try again, and again, it take them 2 or 3 days to finally say they are now looking into the case.........like SERIOUSLY???

  • When is 9.5 being released?  In the Road Map it said Q3 and we are already halfway through Q4 of 2017.  What is the ETA?  Thanks.

  • This was in the latest Kaseya newsletter that arrived last friday:

    VSA 9.5 is Coming Soon!

    VSA 9.5 is a customer-driven release that will include popular enhancement requests, like PowerShell, but also many important fixes. Currently, in Release Candidate testing, VSA 9.5 will be Generally Available in early 2018.

  • Ok, here is my cynical side coming through. Would that be so that all those people whose maintenance support is due on the 1st Jan have to have signed up for another 12 months before they will get 9.5?

    Sorry but to have a controlled release of a product in October and then it becomes GA early 2018, and what does that mean - Jan, Feb, Mar - does it push to Apr?

    Let's stop the releases and get the major bugs that everyone complains about fixed.

    If you read these forums I think you will find the customers are driving for the long standing bugs and the new ones added to be fixed ahead of a new version being released. So I doubt you can call it a "customer-driven release"

    Not having fixed breaking WOL in a follow up patch is criminal, we all use this.

    Rant over.

    There is more but I feel I am just wasting my time and energy typing anymore!!!

    A Customer Success Advocate (4th one in 18 months) has contacted me about my renewal due on 1st Jan, so I will provide him with my feedback :-)


  • Craig:   NB: Beta testers are not permitted to publicly comment on beta products.

    As the product is no longer in Beta but now in controlled release I assume you are now able to provide comments on it?

  • How about fixing live connect so that we can actually read event logs instead of seeing ...  "The message text for this event could not be found" ...

  • We've begun work on this exact issue since this sprint.