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  • Thought you may be interested in what's coming in VSA 9.5!

    What's in VSA 9.5?

    • Live Connect

    • Support for Powershell

    • Enhanced File Management

    • Transfer Both Files and Folders in the File Manager

    • Cloud Backup Backup Plans

    • Creation & Deployment

    • Policy Management (Plan Deployment)

    • Updated Content Pack

    • 3rd-Party TAP Module Support (especially for SaaS)

    • Antivirus (KAV)

    • Support for Kaspersky SP2

    • New reboot options

    • Software Management*

    Note:  *Software Management is available now on R9.4 via a patch release.  The 3rd party patching (add-on) is available for sale now.   Software Management will be included as G.A. officially in R9.5.

    ​Will the 9.5 roadmap be made available to our customers?

    ​Yes, it is now posted on the community.


    ​​How do I find out about other roadmap items?

    The 9.6 roadmap is under construction and will be published as soon as it is feasible.

    Can a customer still participate in the Beta?​

    Yes! E-mail us at VSA​Beta@Kaseya.com.

    When is VSA 9.5 going to be available?

    Controlled Release will begin in October.

    What TAP integrations will be available on SaaS?

    Webroot and Acronis Snap Deploy will be available in 9.5.x as a patch.   

    Will the new TAP integrations replace the On-Premise module installers?

    The new TAP modules will overtime replace the old approach.  For at least 9.5 and 9.6 we will be supporting both models.  We are hoping all our TAP partners will switch over.

    Will there be any enhancements to the BMS + VSA Integration?

    Ticketing will include auto-dedupe and auto-close.

    What specifically does the Updated Content Pack include?

    New content for Windows 10, Exchange 2016, SQL 2014 and 2016. Including views, monitoring and policies. Updated monitor sets and event sets to reduce noise.

    Software Management - Where can I find a list of the 3rd-Party products available for Install?  For Update? has the specific app list as links on the Dashboard.  A summary level will be made available on our website and in our collateral.  The list is updated quarterly.

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  • How many more version are we going to have to wait until Kaseya gives us file copy/paste functionality that was promised years ago in KRC?

  • New versions are great but at the same time, Kaseya is missing the boat on fixing customer issues that are encountered in the platform. As enterprise customer, I see Kaseya is more focused on releasing the latest and greatest and not fixing bugs and issues. I have issues with my servicedesk and they were reported months ago. These issues not only affect me, but other customers as well. Kaseya claims they have all of these developers on the payroll but I just don't see them fixing the issues at hand. I am sure there will be some backlash on my view point but I am sure honesty is the best policy right now.. I use to get excited about upcoming updates and releases but that has turned to somewhat of a worry because you never know what you will get when you do a kaseya update. You have to ask yourself the question of why do an update when you are not fixing my issues. What is the value in that? There is not value from where I sit.. Tracey I did not mean to hijack your thread but att the same time, there is not much to get excited about with a new release when you have issues in the prior release that is not getting updated in next.


    Buster Davis

  • I have to agree with Buster here. Also the frequency with which the agent needs to be updated now is ridiculous. Each agent upgrade is a 30MB push to each machine, so for every 100 agents you need to update you are pushing 3GB of data. For every 1000 agents its 30GB. It's a lot to push out so often.

  • I also agree 100% - not even thinking of a new version when there are still problems with 9.4 that are a "known issue"

  • Sorry to hijack this thread as well but it needs to be heard by someone- there is no way I am updating to 9.5 as all I have been doing since 9.4 came out has been waiting for some bug to be fixed.  It actually seems pretty ridiculous that they even have it on the roadmap to me.

  • @MCS-Tech, @Buster, @JB1975, @karoded, @brad8598,

    First and foremost, I hear you and I thank you for your candor.  

    Software companies have to balance innovation with sustenance engineering.  I'm sure you can appreciate that we do have to do both.  For 9.5, we spent 60% of the effort resolving the highest priority issues.  If you are not ready to make the move to 9.5, please know that we will continue supporting 9.4.

    For those of you who already have tickets, please feel free to follow up on your ticket with your Customer Success Rep so they can work with Technical Support to inform you where we are with resolving your specific concern.

    If you do not have a ticket logged, please do so!  It is critical to our prioritization process that we know where the issues are and how large the impact is.

    Our goal is to make this process smooth for everyone, and in cases where it unfortunately has not been, to work with you to get on the right path.

  • Tracey,

    Thank you again for your reply.. To take this issue further, in our case, Tickets have been created, followed up on with support.. The first line people are doing what they need to do to esclate the issue. Where the disconnect has been is between product engineering and development. Frankly, I know that support is tired by my calls to them asking for updates, and then I become tired of their response of "it is currently in the hands of product development or engineering" and evidently, it goes into a blackhole from there. I have heard the word "Sprint" so many times from support that it makes you wonder if we are just running away from the problem instead of addressing it.

    I have been in constant contact with my Customer Success Director and he has done his job with trying to get things escalated but again, it gets escalated and we have to play the sit and wait game. Kaseya's highest priorty right now should be to look at the reported bug sheet and fix them  when they get reported.

    As a CSC member, I can tell you that your customers depend on their  software vendor to fix the issues that are presented to them in a timely fashion. Kaseya is a great platform and we have big investment in the platform but at the same time, we need to run our business and provide support to our customers efficiently and effectively. Having ongoing issues within the platform is not value-adding but instead, cost generating!

    At the conference this year, you had a session titled "Improving User Experience with IT". It's hard to follow along with that when you have a software platform that has known issues making it even harder to improve our experiences with our end users.


  • We are also a CSC member and I could not agree more with what has said here.

  • Buster hits the nail on the head.  

    We have many tickets languishing in "development" land - 3 of which were raised 5 MONTHS ago, another 3 raised 2 months ago.

    We are tired of waiting.  I ask for an update.  I get "There is no update at this time" returned.

    I escalate to our account manager.  He escalates internally but gets no further than us is obtaining useful information around ticket progress.

    We are not interested in 9.5 - we ARE interested in getting the bugs fixed in 9.4 that we have raised.

  • Spot on .

  • Same with us, we are having 8 tickets open for months.

  • Spot on guys, we also have a couple of ticket waiting for development or any progress. I would like to offer to create a topic with all bug reported by support, so we can see what bugs there are submitted.

    With this idea, we have a topic that describes all bugs (Maybe for a feature request too because the knowledge base is hard to find something). At the moment there is no page of topic describe all submitted bugs, but this would like a great place to start to have an overview with bugs that are reported and which not. This way we could keep track on changes and keep us informed.


  • For the record and in case it's not being fed back through our sales contact, and if this feedback can in any way be used to sharpen Kaseya's focus; here's my 2c:

    This and many other threads in this forum have put us off committing to Kaseya for RMM at this time. Or, to be more blunt: the apparently poor communication and worse resolution time around/for fixing bugs is literally costing Kaseya money.

    Seeing people talking about having tickets open for weeks - and months - without resolution is bad enough, but to see people - fairly regularly - ask a question about an issue, get a response along the lines of "I've not heard of this one, please open a ticket", and have the OP reply with "we did that weeks ago" comes across even worse. This suggests that there are either too many issues to keep abreast of, or, possibly worse, that wherever the cases are being kept is too difficult to search effectively.

    It even took us a 6 days to get a response from 'engineering' via sales to a long list of questions (some of which referring to threads in this forum, some of which asking when we could expect certain apparent shortcomings to be fixed - multihead support, for example, appears particularly poor) with an answer - and this is almost verbatim - "all or most of the issues you have raised have already been fixed". This during the critical pre-sales period when Kaseya should be most motivated to show it's best side.

    Even if the product works "most of the time for most people", we are faced with the prospect of investing money and time into a product where issues simply don't seem to get fixed, which means we'll get to the point where we potentially drive either into a ditch or a timesink "tar pit" and are then expected to continue paying out a contract for a product that doesn't work for us. Worse, we have an issue that could possibly get fixed, but for some reason just ends up in the pile of tickets that are allowed to get months old without resolution or management intervention.

    Sadly, this problem appears to be endemic in the industry - Kaseya is far from alone in this respect; but it should be aspiring to do a lot better than it appears to be at resolving long running cases for it's paying customers.

  • Don't know why we have to wait for a major release to get an "Updated Content Pack", these should be rolled out with Patch updates or even on there own.

    Will need to see the presentation but for about 9 months wait since 9.4, it looks a little light. I am sure we will be told there are thousands of bug fixes but will there also be a few hundred new bugs!

    What about all the promise of development of KRC, drag/drop file transfers, getting the display resolution to work better - just to name 2

    If those that have beta tested can comment, what are your thoughts of 9.5?