This is nothing new by any means but I continue hoping that it's resolved with each upgrade and it never is. We're unsure if this is a system issue on our end or just the VSA overall, but after some time, completely at random, the notification bar glitches out and doesn't show Offline / Online computers and only shows the separators and the Remote Admin Note we required to log into a PC shows 1/4 of its size and without buttons, making it hard to actually connect. Along with with this, LiveConnect shows 1/4 of its size as well. The screen itself is there, but it masks out the bottom right 3/4 of the Live Connect. The 'fix' is to simply refresh the webpage each time. I have to do this about 10-15 times a day. 

As far as Im aware, it's not a timeout of any means since we're not actually logged out of the VSA. This happens on any browser but we normally use Chrome / Firefox. Has anyone else come across this and have a fix for it?