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VSA and Windows 10

  • As we start to prepare to move over to Windows 10, this brings up a question in our IT Department.  We are wondering if Windows 10 Windows Defender is sufficient to run as the lone anti-virus solution.

    My question is more around, Does anyone run Windows 10 without KAV and/or KAM and using only Windows Defender?  If so, how is this experience working out for you?

    Thanks, any input would be appreciated.


  • IMO I would still use 3rd parts AV where is really shines is response time.  When an attack goes out like wannacrypt and starts spreading the AV companies servers force a tiny update to customers (if you have auto and cloud detection on) to the endpoints to block it.  Windows defender in my experience isn't quick enough when this goes on.  All it takes is one security hole, unauthorized device etc.. and it's inside your network.  I have also noticed windows defender will stay up on Windows exploits but not 3rd party exploits where 3rd party AV cares about ALL exploits because if it fails they lose a customer...