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caps lock wont turn off or on when dialed into remote site

  • IF i remote into a location where caps lock is on, i cannot turn off, or vice versa, if its off i cannot turn it on

  • We also had this issue, the only thing we have found so far, is to get the end user to press the caps lock key on the remote machine.

    However it is only on Windows login prompts, other password dialog boxes are fine ie Chrome/IE etc.

  • yes, this has become a real problem because im trying to type in case sensitive passwords to sql server and such and these machines are unattended or virtual environments.  Its really a pain!

  • We had a situation like this - but not necessarily K related - and the way we got beyond it was to use the on-screen keyboard on the server we were logged into. It is obviously **not** secure in a shared session but did get us out of a quick bind.  YMMV  

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  • I've found in our setup I can turn on caps lock on my machine and it seems to reverse.  It doesn't turn off caps lock on the remote machine, but it lets me type normally.  There have been a few times when I simply open a notepad on local machine and copy and paste it to the remote machine.