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Missing updates for version of MS Office that isn't installed

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I have a couple of machines for a customer that are showing missing (and failed) patches for MS Office 2007, however the machine has MS Office 2010 installed.

When I run windows update manually on the machine, it says there are no missing updates.

Does anyone know of a way to stop these patches appearing as missing? We send a report to our customer showing the status of the machines and it's very misleading when it shows missing patches when there aren't any.

Any suggestions apprieciated. Thanks

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  • Hi ,

    If you see the VSA reporting the patch scan information differently, it may indicate the patch scan is not working properly. I would suggest check the Agent procedure logs (located in the Agent module>logs) to confirm the script is not failing. helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../229010148-Troubleshooting-failed-patch-installs-and-failed-patch-scans-and-incorrect-data-on-Patch-Status-page

    Also, when running a local scan (manually on the machine), check the Windows Update scan says "you receive updates for= For windows and other products from Microsoft Update"" . Otherwise not all patches needed for the machine may be showing when doing "check for updates".

    You can also ignore the patch, if you need to resolve it a bit faster. Just make sure it is not in the "approved pending" column (in Patch status page), otherwise it may try to attempt installation on the next schedule.

    Patch scan process link: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../229010328-Patch-Scan-Process-Overview

    If the issue continues, we suggest you create a ticket with Support to further investigate:


  • To add on to what Jenny mentioned, it is quite possible the machine does qualify for an office 2007 patch based on what MS uses as the criteria for patch qualification.  If you run a patch scan locally as Jenny indicated, check whether the patch in question is listed as missing via the Control Panel > Windows Update scan.  Kaseya leverages this same process (through its API) for patch discovery, so if it's listed as missing in the VSA, you should almost always see it listed as missing in Windows Update.  

  • Just want to add that I am seeing this same exact behavior on a few computers.. some Windows 7 and some Windows 10, and for Office 2007 and Office 2010. When I check for updates locally on the computer, with "and other products from Microsoft Update" checked, then Windows Update reports the computer is fully updated, and there are no missing updates.

    The Kaseya patch scan is succeeding without errors in the Procedure History log. I've deleted the ptchscn.xml and kptchmgt2.dll files on the computer, deleted the %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\ folder, forced an update of the Kaseya agent, deleted/recreated the agent account, and re-run the patch scan, and still getting the same results.

    I will probably just "Set Ignore" status on these patches in the VSA, for these computers, as it's only affected a few so far. But it's odd that we've just started noticing it recently (we've been using Patch Management the same way for ~7 years now).