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NOC Dashboard

  • Has anyone implemented VSA to run a NOC Dashboard on a big screen display? Just curious. 

  • Yes. I've built an open source one - it's available in the automation exchange. See community.kaseya.com/.../17555.aspx for discussion.

  • I just added support for KCB in R9.4.

    I think my console is a bit clearer than Kaseya's. :)

  • That's pretty cool, is there a section to show KNM info? Would love to have it track public IP's to show up and down status etc...

    Looks like a nice little project to do this weekend lol ;)

    Thx for the effort you put into it...

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  • No KNM support at the moment. We don't use KNM so no plans, unfortunately.

  • Hi Craig,

    We've been using this noc for quite a while and our techs love it, it is a god send.

    A quick feature request. When a server goes offline, could we have it pop up with the server name ? I know you have the red background it is shows it in the list view, but the pop up would be very useful to us,


  • Should be do-able. The problem with pop-ups (such as Javascipt's alert(); ) , is they generally hang the rest of the system until responded-to; and the NOC is designed to be 'hands off' as much as possible. Is a popup that needs 'click OK' to proceed acceptable? What if the server comes back online by itself? what if a few servers go offline before someone gets to attend to the screen? Are severa dozen 'click OK' messages acceptable?

    You can always click on the offline servers  list to view it immediately (you don't have to wait for the whole list to cycle through)