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Hi, I was wondering where the marketing materials would be located. other products we have worked with have provided the equivalent of copy/paste, put your logo, send to your mailing list, and follow up. What has Kaseya got in this regard?

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  • I've been asking this exact question, in a number of different ways, and of a number of different Kaseya staff members, and have yet to find ANYONE to direct me to this type of marketing material.  Managed Service Provider specific, White labeled line cards, email templates, infographics, runbooks, etc.  Nearly every other RMM/CMS platform now offer this help to their subscribers, and lots of it is good stuff.

  • Hi Brett and Wayne -

    I lead Product Marketing for Kaseya.  We don't have a "starter marketing pack" right now for MSP Services.

    We have received mixed feedback from our customers about the value of this.  Most of our clients feel they get these from their industry peer groups or that a "standard approach" negates a "secret sauce" that helps their differentiation.  We are, of course, open to feedback and input about what would be of value and how you'd want it delivered.  Thanks!


  • I'd recommend searching for Robin Robins and the technology Marketing Toolkit if you want to learn how to market and grow your business. Thinking marketing of a specific tool will win you business leads you down the wrong path.