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Running : No later patch updates available ?

  • Hi.

    Anyone else seeing this ?

    I believe we are up to, but my cloud dash doesn't have that update available.

    It still tells me is the latest update.


    My Kaseya Portal/My Account/Contact Information .........has been wiped.

    Reentering the info fails to save.

    Nor earth shattering, but worth a mention.

    Kind regards.

  • Hi  

    Create a support ticket for your Kaseya Portal issue, I have not heard of this.

    For the Agent Version you are seeing, that is the latest version for your specific saas instance.

    Your cloud/saas instance is tentatively scheduled to be patched to the latest 9.4 patch (expect on Saturday (Feb. 18 2017).

  • Just got notice I can now upgrade to 9.4 However, is there a list of open reported issues with 9.4 to be resolved?