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Missing features after recent updates

  • Just throwing this out there for the devs...

    We are missing the ability to copy and paste from various sections for a few updates now. For example if you are on the agents section and you cannot highlight the IP of the machine (if you have that column in your view) and just copy and past it into a browser. Now we have to hover over the machine and hope the info we are looking for is there or go track it down via the audit section. It's a few extra steps, but when working in bulk that time adds up quickly...can we add the ability to highlight and copy text back to Kaseya?

    Kaseya remote no longer displays the machine ID at the top of the window after the most recent update...this makes it kind of difficult to find the right machine when you have a bunch open at the same time. A feature request for kaseya remote would be a button to easily blank the remote screen. 

    Thank you for listening. 


  • A new capability in Manage Agents is a right mouse click on a field that has an option to copy to clipboard.  

    We have an open ticket on the machine id in the top of the windows.  Watch for this fix in the next couple of patches.

    Can you provide a bit more explanation of the feature request you mentioned.

  • That's such a life saver! We have really been missing the ability to copy and past directly from the various columns.

    Good deal, can't wait for that patch to fix the remote agents!

    As for the feature request, that was for the ability to blank out a remote controlled screens for security purposes. We work with some clients who have sensitive data on their machines and often times they would like to leave us to do our work, but then anyone walking by can just look at the screen. This would give them the security of knowing no one is going to be checking out their computer while they are away.

  • Extending on the above, the ability to disable the user's keyboard and mouse whilst we're working would be ideal. Fighting the user for (e.g.) control of the mouse is never fun.

    Yes, I know. Feature request.

  • Absolutely! This feature when using Teamviewer or Logmein is an absolute godsend.