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Lastpass extension causing Kaseya to continuously reload

  • Has anyone experienced an issue with the Lastpass extension in Chrome causing the top section of Kaseya (Machine ID, Group View fields) to continuously reload?  I started seeing this yesterday and found that disabling the extension fixes it.  

    It is occurring on any screen with the older version of the drop-downs (Backup, Monitor, Patching). The screens with the newer, EVIL multi-page dropdowns are ok (Agent Status).


    - Marc

  • I had the same issue with the One Note Extension. I had to switch back to evernote because I couldn't use Kaseya.

  • Yes, we have the same problem here

  • ^+1

  • I also have this problem. Just started end of last week.

    Disabling the extension does stop it from happening.

  • same here

  • Yup, i noticed the same exact thing with Chrome - happens on both Mac and Win. I posted something about it on the Chrome Extension store. Disabling the extension stops it from happening.

  • We did not notice this until we upgraded to 9.3.27. Are the rest of you guys on the same patch?

  • We're on and have the issue. Shouldn't be the specific patch level.

    I did open a ticket with Kaseya before this thread was opened. Once I figured out it was LastPass I let them know. They did say that they can't do anything about it as a result. While it is true the updated extension caused the issue, my thought was that something with the coding of the VSA is causing some type of conflict so they could also attempt to fix that, but I don't think that will happen.

  • We are on, so we've got all the recent versions covered.

    I opened a ticket with Kaseya support about the same time I started this thread.   At first their response was that it "seems to be caused by an extension called LastPass", after I told them that's what the issue was!  Apparently restating the question is an acceptable solution.

    I pressed them and they then responded "I have checked with our internal resources and manager and as per there advice we have address this to our development team and they are actively working out towards resolution on this issue .  At present we do not have an ETA but as soon as I get any update regarding this issue I will keep you updated.Let me know for any issues further"

    - Marc

  • As long as the solution isn't "We recommend you stop using LastPass and contact your account manager to obtain AuthAnvil pricing."

  • Haha they did the same thing to me. I sent them this thread and said a recent update to the LastPass extension looks to be the problem. Their response was that a recent update to the LastPass extension caused the problem.... Umm yes thank you for restating that for me and making it seem like your own answer.

    Not expecting a fix from either side. Doesn't affect any other sites that I've noticed. The update was actually pretty nice overall so I can't see LastPast bothering to fix a random issue with Kaseya. Kaseya looks at it as a problem on LastPass's side.

  • The problem is its not just lastpass, One Note makes Kaseya unuasable as well. And that is the only site it does that too.

  • Try switching versions in Lastpass:


  • That didn't work for me.  My LastPass extension shows it is 4.1.39.   I tried changing to 3.0 mode and Kaseya still constantly reloads.  2.0 mode does the same thing.