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Reports - Add Remove Programs (With Version List ) and Network Switch List (With Firmware Version)

    • Hi, I am needing a couple of Reports.. Can you help me? Here is what I was asked to provide.. 

      1.Do you have an automated report that would list all workstations and servers, with all software installed on each, by machine? This would need to include both applications installed (core system), Microsoft products and versions, and other software (i.e. Adobe, Java, etc) with version/release information

      2. Do you have one, or a listing, that shows all routers/switches? I’m looking for a list that would have make/model and firmware version information


    Changed the Subject for better explanation.
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  • Hi Kickderz,

    These can be built fairly easily. If you want to contact me we can help you do that!


  • Gavin

    I have also contacted support and got some help.

    It seems like there is not a way to get Firmware information through the Discovery Area of Kaseya.. Is that Correct? Maybe need Traverse for this ?

    And I was able to get the other report from Kaseya Support.

    Thanks again

  • The Firmware/etc  is going to be *very* dependant on switches and routers.  I know from experience  that *some* model switches and routers make this information available via SNMP which would allow a product like KNM or Traverse to gather, but I also know of several different brands that do *not* make at least some of that information available via SNMP, and as such neither of those products would be able to do this.   I don't know that there is any kind of "Magic Bullet" that could get that info from *every* switch/router vendor.

  • Jonathan

    Thanks for the input.