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Testing VSA 9.4

  • i'm testing to update 9.4 at my virtual Lab on Jan 2 2017.

    downloading and installing run smoothly, but as usual, when it do the reaply database. error comes up

    so, i decide to do the clean install w/ vm fresh server. same error show again.

    and then i try to delete KBU folder. it works!

    i explore all modules, all working well. even Linux Agent can update to, last version only stuck at version 7.0.0

    live connect and remote control don't work

    maybe next patch update will fix this issue

    adding testing date
    [edited by: Asep Suandi at 12:30 AM (GMT -8) on Jan 8, 2017]
  • Hi  

    I would recommend submitting a support ticket for these KLC issues.

    For the Reapply Schema issue, you can reference the following problem ticket # when submitting 166183.

  • thanks mate, maybe i'll wait and see how's the next patch update

  • You also to my knowledge shouldn't be posting info about 9.4 here ;).  It is still currently in the beta process and they have a separate forum for that .

  • Sorry about that. you may delete this post

  • Can somebody please let me know how I can reach that forum.

    This has been stated several times, we are in the beta process. (Running 9.4 since beginning of december)

    I didn't received any info about it for this beta, the previous beta and the beta before that one.....

    Kind regards,


  • Erik, if you're part of the 9.4 beta, reach out to your customer success advocate to get an expedited response.