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Register Now: Introducing Kaseya VSA R9.4



    Register to join us on January 11th to get an exclusive customers-only sneak preview of VSA 9.4, which will be released at the end of January.

    VSA Live Connect already provides the best Technician Experience on the market. With VSA 9.4, we’ve made the best even better with new Live Connect functionality, including:

    • Live Connect On Demand: No agent? No problem. Spin up remote control sessions on demand with any devices that don’t have agents installed — right from Live Connect. For MSPs, that means you can serve your break-fix and managed customers all from one place.
    • SSH and Mac Terminal Support: You’re already managing all of your agents in Live Connect. Now you can manage printers, switches, routers, and other networked devices over SSH from the same place. And Macs are now first-class Terminal citizens.
    • Live Connect Extensions: Tired of installing the same set of diagnostic applications every time you need to solve a user’s problem? Extensions enable you to use a collection of your favorite apps every time you log into a machine and automatically remove them when you’re done so you can leave without a trace.

    In addition, we’ve significantly enhanced our best-in-class Discovery engine, cloud backup and disaster recovery module, user interface, and more.

    Register for the webinar to see all VSA 9.4 new features!

    • Wednesday, January 11th at 11AM ET/ 4PM GMT
    • Wednesday, January 11th at 6PM ET/ 11PM GMT
    • Thursday, January 12th at 10AM AEDT
  • I missed the webinar today.  Any chance the webinar was recorded?


  • The webinar was recorded and will be made available in the next couple of days.

  • When will the sign up for the 9.4 update be released?

  • Look what I found :) Webinar is on Youtube. So the only question remain when the update will be released. Could be nice to get the registration page posted here also as some (like me) never receive the mail for new versions...


  • I hop we get that registration email soon!

  • Here's the 9.4 signup page:

    Registration: info.kaseya.com/upgrade-94.html

  • Thanks for the info! Anyone know if have have sent out invites yet? I'd love to get in first batch =)

  • I got my notification this morning letting me know that I could go live next week if wanted. (I will probably wait another week... mostly because I'm taking some vacation later next week. Timing!)

  • Grey, up for trading?  We have the week after on the 9th.

  • Just had my invite through to upgrade now :-) Anyone upgraded yet who can confirm stability?

  • If anyone wants to trade let me know! I have the week of the 13th =(

  • before scheduling I am asked for my customer id. Can someone tell  me where to find it ?

  • @Luis.Carrandi, you can find you customer ID under Kaseya VSA > System > Server Management > Request Support