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Unable to use SHIFT when typing in password through Remote Control

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Two part question. 

1) For some reason I cannot use the Shift key when entering passwords while trying to log into Windows through the Kaseya Remote Control application (Console Session.exe). I can use shift everywhere else in the session except Windows login. Reboot to login, locked computer login, etc.) I end up having to use the On Screen Keyboard to log in successfully.

2) Since I did not have this issue when I used to connect using the Browser-based remote control app, how do I disable the Remote control.exe application from running when I click on the connect button in the Kaseya Manage Agents window?

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  • Jason,

    We are using VSA 9.3. and have not had any issues with using the shift key while on KRC. What version and patch are you running?

  • We had this in 9.2 and early 9.3 (seems to have gone away now though)

    I found that the left shift worked, and a reboot also seemed to fix the issue, I think the issue was with the old exe version.