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Windows Server 2016 - When will it be supported by Kaseya?

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We have customers that are looking into purchasing new servers with Server 2016 and would like to know when Kaseya will be officially support it?

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  • We are currently loosing money on not being able to support 2016! Please just make a quickfix so that we're at least able to run procedures!

  • Any word or estimate (date or month) on when support will added to 9.3.  Thanks.

  • @Dana,

      I am sorry but the OS was available for test in beta for over a year.  Server 2016 should not be a "surprise" to support for Kaseya and we should not be waiting for the development of the code to support it several months AFTER its release.  It's oversights like this that I question  whether Kaseya is helping or hindering my business.

  • Dana,

    Please authorize the change to just add the version code for Server 2016 immediately and then continue working on the re-design process . All of us are (or soon will be) experiencing these issues and we can not wait for Kaseya to complete a big architecture update.


    Eric Smeets

  • 2016 support is planned to be available in

  • GREAT news!   do you have a rough estimate on when .24 will be released?

  • ..."planned".

  • I don't have the release date yet.

  • As for the "planned", we have a lot of the pieces already working. I wouldn't even comment on it if I didn't think it was going to happen.

  • server 2016 will prob be supported around the time server 2025 is released. Plenty of other RMM plat forms out there and kaseya is not even the best of them.

  • .24 is planned to be released around the middle of Dec 2016.

  • um, anyone else out there still running 9.2? We have a growing number of Server 2016 and we are not upgrading to 9.3 for a while

  • Kaseya needs to pull it's head out of its rear end. There's no reason they shouldn't have setup their product to support server 2016 just before MS released it at the conference. They're STILL fighting AV products that they've been "Supporting" for a couple of years now. It's a good thing our configuration is a lot harder to pull away from than a generic MSP, or I would have been recommending another product.

  • This is ridiculous!

    How could Kaseya not be prepared to support a new OS version when the technical preview was release more than two years ago!?

    I demand an explaination and if you want to keep your customers i also suggest a more proactive approach in the future.

  • Yes we are still running 9.2 and don't plan on upgrading to 9.3 until Q1-Q2 2017. Jim or Dana -- any word on whether Server 2016 support will be added into 9.2 as well?