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Is the helpdesk changing?

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Logged onto the heslpdesk page yesterday and it was completely different with blue tiles all over the navigation and in some parts a slightly more "material" design, but today it is back to normal again.

Did anyone else notice it or had I just had too much coffee?

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  • Hi  

    It was not your coffee intake that caused this. Coffee

    ZenDesk (Kaseya's HelpDesk Provider) is pushing its new 'Help Center' interface to all of its tenants and removing the current 'Web Portal' interface.

    Yesterday, ZenDesk applied the new 'Help Center' interface with the Kaseya Support Team.

    However, it was reverted due to some issues with existing links to some support articles.

    ZenDesk is reviewing the issue and when resolved, the new 'Help Center' interface will be in place.

    The AuthAnvil HelpDesk went through this change as well, for any AuthAnvil users who may have noticed this.

  • Hi Nicolas Ponce,

    Will the Kaseya VSA Service Desk (Module) get a fresh interface as well, would be nice to ;)



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    ZenDesk is a third-party helpdesk provider - it is not a Kaseya product.  In this case, our vendor (ZenDesk) is updating their product, which we use to support our customer base.

    Regarding the Kaseya product Service Desk, if you have questions regarding this, I recommend you contact your customer success manager.  He or she can address specific questions you may have.  If you are unsure of your CS manager, or do not have his or her contact information, please email success.team@kaseya.com.

  • Looks like the new format Zendesk is up and running. It's a bit of a 'plain vanilla' UI, but functional enough.

  • It took me a little while to deduce that 'My activities' got me to my tickets. But once you get to your tickets getting back to the knowledge base requires you to click the Kaseya logo. That took me a little while too...

    I do agree it's functional enough and the list of tickets has a much better overview..