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  • Anyone working with Microsoft powerBi to create reports and modern dashborads with kaseya?

  • Hi FredrikO

    We are using PowerBI to create report, for dashboard just using the Kaseya we hope that they will get updated soon.

    Most BI tooling will work perfect because you can run it directly on the database. But if Kaseya change something it can be broke.

  • Hi

    Sounds intresting. Gonna give it a try.

  • We do have some of our people working with Power BI, but unrelated to Kaseya, until now. Would be interested to hear some reasons for using Power BI, why is this the tool to use. Always interesting to hear why this is a good choice. Any Kaseyans know useful scenarios?

  • Me Im not familiar with any other software that i could use for this so thats why I pick MS PowerBI :)

    Its not very hard to start using it, its easy to share.

    My first test will be to see what kind of dashboards I could make from KNM data( that report tool....come on windows 95 style)

    Then Im thinking dashboards with licens usage, dashboards show certificate age etc

  • I was talking to our main Power BI developer who gave me some ideas.

    Time is a bit  of a problem, but I'll be certainly looking into this soon....

    Thanks for the tip! Maybe I can share some experimental dashboards later.

  • I'm tooling about with Power BI as well. If you get anything to share I'd love to see it!

  • Time is always the bottleneck with developing Business Intelligence solution on the information out of the Kaseya database. I did a short analyze and see there alot of information you can get out of it.

    With the write tooling like Tableau or PowerBI you can create good dashboard and reports.

    For Dashboard and Reports i'm trying to get are team to create a DWH/Datamart to get more information in a shorter time and create a realtime dashboard without using the live of Kaseya.

  • did anyone manage to get power Bi connected to Ksubscribers? any help is appreciated

  • I know it's a little off-topic, but I would strongly encourage anyone considering Power BI to look at BrightGauge first.  They've done most of the heavy-lifting for you in terms of integration with Kaseya and pulling out useful statistics and generating beautiful reports & dashboards.  Well worth the time savings alone to me at least.  But thats just my experience.