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VSA 9.4 Beta Tester Applications

  • We’re launching Version 9.4 of VSA later this year, and we’d like your help putting it through its paces as part of our Beta program. Get early access and give us input on the exciting new features we’re launching in 9.4:

    • LiveConnect On Demand: Spin up remote control sessions on demand with your customers who don’t have agents installed — right from LiveConnect – so you can serve your break-fix and managed customers all from one place.
    • Software Management (NEW): The brand new Software Management module goes beyond just patching and deploying. Identify and patch vulnerabilities across all of your Windows and Mac devices for both operating systems and many 3rd-party applications.
    • Discovery Module Improvements: Get a more accurate, more comprehensive picture of the networks you manage — even across subnets!
    • Cloud Backup (NEW): Backup your customers’ environments on-premise or to the cloud, all from one place.
    • LiveConnect Enhancements: LiveConnect has been updated with full PowerShell support, Terminal control for Macs, screen recording, and the ability to customize Extensions, applications you can use on any machine you’re remotely controlling without having to manually install and uninstall them.

    Apply to be a beta tester today by emailing vsabeta@kaseya.com with your name, company name, and phone number.

  • signed up!

  • Requested more information!

  • Anyone gotten more info on this? Still waiting for an email back

  • Nope not heard a thing. Have sent multiple emails over the past couple of months following being sent direct invites. No contact from anyone.

  • Beta tester since 6.3 checking in - the no contact thing is normal. Your name initially goes into some sort of list, and when the beta is ready to download you get an email. In between, there is nothing, no acknowledgement, no feedback, no status updates, nothing but silence.

    I agree they should give you some updates e.g. acknowledging that you'll be receiving betas, some sort of time frame to expect the beta to become available etc.

    Last time round the beta experience wasn't the most well communicated - they promised to do it better this time, but so far ... not a lot of improvement it seems.

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for applying to be part of the Beta program.

    Sorry for the confusion on timing. We're still accepting Beta Tester applications (it's only been 5 days since I made this post initially), so we haven't sent our welcome email yet. Since I'm sure you aren't the only ones that were expecting an email immediately, we'll be following up today with those who have applied so far.

    Thanks for the feedback.


  • Well if the Beta testing hasn't yet started then the release date on the Roadmap changing from September 2016 to Q4 2016 makes sense. Can Kaseya at least provide a release date a bit more granular than Q4 2016?

  • Beta test starts today. Release date seems to be set at Dec 1, from memory.