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Departments/Staff - Actual Use?

  • Looking for some feedback on this for those that actually use the Departments and Staff  portions of the System Module. Since we are a single entity and are not supporting outside entities I am questioning the need to actually use them. They seem redundant since most of that information is already housed in AD.

    If anyone uses either Department or Staff would you be kind enough to provide a real world example so I can see if its something we want/need to implement? Thanks!


  • Hi  

    You are correct, as an example 'Staff Records' would be representative of the AD records in your Domain Controller.

    The main use case around this is users implementing Discovery > Domain Watch. You can automatically create staff records from users within your AD/DC.

    If these users then submit tickets from their domain machines, it would auto populate their AD information on ticket submission.

    Staff records do not have a license limit and are leveraged as just informational records for non-VSA Users. This is helpful for tracking purposes as well.