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9.3 Live Connect Mac Agent

  • So I can't seem to find info one way or the other. Does Live Connect have a Mac agent so administration can be done from a Mac?   I know there are user agents for mac just not sure the new stand alone LC application is available on Mac as well?  Going to be upgrading this weekend so I guess I'll know soon enough but my boss just asked me and I can't find an answer. 

  • Yes, we have a Mac agent. It supports pretty much everything the Windows agent does except for Windows specific things like registry editing and event viewing. One item we don't support yet on Mac is the direct terminal access. You can remote in, but we don't allow interactive terminal. This is something we plan to deliver in v9.4.

  • Dana,

    Thank you but I know there is a Mac agent. I'm wondering if i can use the new LiveConnect FROM a Mac.

  • Yes, the LiveConnect app works on a Mac as well. It has the same fidelity as the Windows one.

  • Perfect, Thank you!