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Anti Virus recommendations for MAC

  • Since KAV and KES arent compatible with MAC yet does anyone have another AV product they can recommend for macs? 

    Ideally something that is cloud based and easy to deploy through kaseya. 

  • I'm looking into ESET and Webroot. Anyone have experience with either?

  • Macs don't need AV and all the AV for mac products available wont catch a relevant threat in the first week it's released. MAC OS X has a framework for virus detection and when threats are discovered defs are pushed out as OS X updates.

    Putting an AV on a mac wastes your clients money and your time without any added value.

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  • I've been using the free Sophos offering for my personal mac.  It has detected malware that made it into Mail, and a Java exploit that was actively running on my son's mac (Minecraft mod).

    The only problem I haven't worked out is getting the program to exclude subdirectories of a folder I've excluded.

    It's their older version: www.sophos.com/.../sophos-antivirus-for-mac-home-edition-legacy.aspx

    I'm not sure what you mean by cloud based -- ability to manage computers via a webpage?

    I'm also not sure how easy it is to silently install, which I assume would be a requirement to deploy through Kaseya.

  • I have been using (myself) and recommending Bitdefender. Previously used Kaspersky, their windows product is good, Mac product is lousy, had a support case open for 300+ days that they were unable to resolve.

  • thanks timmie. That's the product i'm testing and leaning towards.

    Even though AV on mac isnt so necessary some of our clients require it for compliance reasons.

    Have you been able to write a script to install the software on mac.

  • Hi guys,

    I can recommend Intego Virusbarrier and Webroot. Webroot is a much smaller footprint and has such a small effect on the machine that it is barely noticeable. Is attractively priced as well, whereas Intego can be fairly pricey. In my last job we ditched Sophos as we lost all faith in it, and ESET slowed an awful lot of machines down to a crawl, especially if they were a couple of years old and had been upgraded to Yosemite or El Capitan, so moved all Mac endpoints onto Webroot. The centralized management web GUI for Webroot is also a plus point - one console for all endpoints at all clients on all platforms.

  • Eliot,

    ESET actually has a very small resource footprint and has a central console to manage all of your endpoints across all platforms.  Mac OSx 10.7 (Lion) and up.  It has a robust kaseya plugin, supports cloud initiatives and also has a daily billing option for MSPs.  All the modules you need/want for compliance perspective regardless of your clients' verticals.  I can reach out and get a demo set up for you if you like.

  • Is the kaseya plugin compatible with VSA 9.3?

  • It is, yes!

  • Haven't done a mass deployment because I just install on setup (haven't tried to script anything for Mac yet, not worth my time investment). There is a uniform management page per company. I have experience and heard from others that many things are working better and they are not experiencing the impact that Kaspersky had. Oh and yes, AV is minimally needed.

  • Please private message me. I'd like to discuss the eset plugin

  • I've been developing a Sophos deployment for our macOS clients, and I've been pleased with it, specifically in comparison to AVG, Avast!, Bitdefender, and ESET. It has a cloud control panel where agents check into Sophos' central server, and a handy MSP-specific licensing model, but the standout feature has been the ability to deploy, audit, initiate a scan, and uninstall silently with bash scripting through Kaseya. Bash/terminal control of the installation, updates, and scans were incomplete in all the other options, but I can make Sophos entirely scriptable through Kaseya, making it the clear winner for me.

    It's true that a definitions-based antivirus for macOS is mostly an academic, and potentially wasteful exercise. But it is a part, however small, of security-in-depth that is becoming more relevant for macOS, and our clients expect us to have an answer to "check the box" for macOS antivirus.

  • Would you be willing to share your Sophos deployment? I just recently chose Sophos as our Mac AV of choice and a head start in deployment scripts would be a huge help.