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Kaseya/Azure Installation

  • Guys,

    We are in the process of moving our current Kaseya instance to the Azure cloud.. Any existing Kaseya Users out there who would like to share your experience of how well Kaseya has worked within your Azure environment? Anything to lookout for? Gotchas?

  • I'd like to know as much feedback and information as possible on the Azure platform as well.  Attaching myself to this thread.

  • hopefully others will chime in with their experience

  • Hi  

    I can say that deploying the Kaseya Database with a Azure Database Template Image or Database as a Service is usually problematic (Same goes for Amazon RDS, or any other similar service).

    I always like to recommend you do not map anything to the dynamic IPs that Azure leverages and obtain a reserved public ip:


  • I can speak to Amazon's RDS not working for Kaseya, simply by virtue of the fact that the "sa" user in RDS is not the same "sa" that your'e used to for on-prem SQL--the rights are much more limited.  Namely, you can't use the built-in "sa" account in RDS to create new users.  Kaseya's KInstall needs to create KaseyaVSA, KReadOnly and KElevated user accounts in the DB, as well as run the (dangerous) SQL shell command functions, which RDS won't let you do.  I tried the experiment a couple years ago (back in December of 2014) but ran up against this blocking error:

    That said, we are successfully running Kaseya in AWS using separate SQL and Web instances, and I've spoken extensively with Kaseya's SaaSOps team to "compare notes" on our servers' performance profiles--so far, so good.  So yes, it can be done--just not using RDS.  Big Smile