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  • Wow this looks awsome. I want to register but i can't, it gives me an error

  • unless we are doing something wrong (or missed a notification) it seems the reports are only importing into our 9.3 server (development) and not into our 9.2 server (production)

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    What is the error you are receiving?


    I apologize if I'm oversimplifying.  Have you attempted to import into both a 9.2 and 9.3 server?  If so, does it fail and/or report an error for 9.2?  Perhaps it is a 9.3-specific report.  If you check the report on your 9.3 server, are there any report part types or components that are available in 9.3 but not in 9.2?  Or are you trying to import a report that uses a report part type available on one server but not the other (such as an add-on module like KAV that might be installed on one server but not the other)?

    You might reach out to the author of the report to ask for additional information.  

  • I did receive an error but still gave me an activation link. So i can log in, time to get some nice stuff next week
  • I'm trying to upload a SQL Query (Script) as a ZIP to the exchange but I keep receiving the following error:

    Take a look at the following errors and try submitting your product again:

      • Attachment content type is invalid
      • Attachment is invalid

    I've tried ZIPing it using both Windows built-in zipping functionality and using WinRAR to make a .ZIP, but none of those seem to make a difference in the error.

    (Sorry, but there is no help link on the Exchange itself so this seemed like the best place for it)

    Formatted error to match Exchange
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  • Hi

    I was experiencing the same thing when trying to use .rar files and was able to get it done using Windows 7 native tool to build a .zip file. I spoke with someone who can possibly help you and he told me to have you email him at frank.tisellano@kaseya.com, he's expecting you. Let me know how that works out.

  • Oscar Hernandez (oscar.hernandez),

    I've emailed Frank with some of the .ZIP files I was trying to upload. Thanks for your assistance.