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  • Community Members,

    We’re excited to announce a Community-exclusive preview of the Automation Exchange, Kaseya’s marketplace for sharing, buying, and selling Agent Procedures, Monitor Sets, Reports, Templates, and other types of automation for Kaseya’s products.

    In an increasingly competitive market, automation is crucial to an MSP’s long-term success because it is impossible to scale and maintain competitive pricing without it. A more automated business is a more profitable business.

    We know that for many of our customers, it can be tough to get out of the weeds long enough to start automating your MSP, and that for others, you owe your success to automation you’ve developed in-house. The mission of the Automation Exchange is to unite these two groups so that the first can become more profitable more quickly and so that the second can profit from the automation they’ve built.

    Join and start sharing at https://automationexchange.kaseya.com/ today!

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  • Looks awesome.  I look forward to using it.

    One problem....  Could you at least give credit to the original authors?    It looks like the initial batch of agent procedures that are in there came from what people posted to the forum.    I found the Detect CryptoLocker script I wrote, but in the Automation Exchange it says it was written by Anthony Sayegh from Kaseya!


    - Marc

  • Could you give the option to not publicly post email addresses?   Looks like anyone can access the Automation Exchange without even logging in by going to automationexchange.kaseya.com/.../1     Good place for spammers to harvest email addresses.

  • I am glad to see this finally come to fruition!  After doing a quick cursory review, the big question is "who is going to keep the scripts up to date?".    This is one of the reasons we started sharing our script library on http://clubmsp.com, is that it take a great deal of effort to keep these scripts current.  We have about 30 3rd-party programs that we check every week, and update, but you keep using the same script to update or deploy.

    I would suggest that the internal developers start thinking about this, and begin to release scripts that address this, otherwise, this Exchange will be best suited to things that don't have a version.

    Maybe there could be a field that shows the version of the software being deployed, or note if it is kept updated?

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    We’re happy to hear you’re looking forward to using the Automation Exchange and appreciate your feedback.  With regard to the emails, we’ve removed those from the product pages.  The names will still appear so others can determine the author/poster of the content.

    As far as the script you authored – this was a case of mistaken (script) identity.  Another Kaseya-built Cryptolocker script was intended to be posted as we were adding the initial content to the Exchange, but yours was grabbed accidentally instead.  You are more than welcome to add your Cryptolocker script to the exchange; the existing one will be replaced with a script built in-house, as was originally intended.  On behalf of the team, I apologize for the mixup, and very much appreciate you bringing this to our attention so we could make the correction.


    Great point.  I'll bring this to the consideration of the Exchange owner.  Thanks very much for sharing your experience :)

  • Really pleased to see this finally come around - very much needed!

    However, a lot of the procedures (for me at leat) show up like this:

    Meaning I don't have access:

    Is this a bug or do I simply just not have access to some of the free scripts?


  • Thanks for reporting this! :)

    Which page are you seeing that error on? How did you navigate there?

  • Hi Frank,

    No problem :)  Literally, I just signed in and on the main page, click 'Search'.  Half the procedures there are like that for me.

  • Thank you for flagging this. There was a bug in search. it has now been fixed!

  • Awesome response - I can confirm it now all looks good!


  • Amazing, lots of interesting procedures.

    Except the one I need the most right now, looks like it is missing a download link: Install Acrobat Reader DC.

    Only get instructions on how to use the procedure.

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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  I've contacted the original author and asked him to reupload.  Please allow a couple of days.

    Edit:  The issue has been corrected.  You should now be able to download.  Select the item, click View, and you should see a "visit website" button.  This will take you to livedrive to download the .zip.

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  • Thanks for flagging this. Looks like we pushed some code yesterday that caused the link to some attachments to disappear. It's now fixed!

  • It looks like email addresses also show up in the reviews.  Could you change that to use usernames?

  • We view Automation Exchange as a community, and part of our responsibility to that community is to enforce a high level of quality in both content and discussion.

    We believe that displaying members' email addresses works well for two purposes: it enables conversation among product creators and members who download those products, and it helps hold members accountable for the reviews they post (especially given that all Automation Exchange members must verify their email addresses when they sign up).

    That said, we agree that we could improve in terms of how best to balance accountability and privacy. For now, we've obfuscated email addresses for unauthenticated users.

    I'd love to get more of your feedback on how to strike a balance here. Feel free to email me any time at frank.tisellano@kaseya.com.