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VSA 9.3 - Java 7 or Java 8 ??

  • In the release notes for R93, at http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/VSA/9030000/reqs/#11465.htm it says:

    Java Must be Installed on the Windows Server

    Kaseya Server R93 requires Java SE 8 A system check "fixit link" will automatically install Java SE 8 if it is not already installed.

    The VSA installer's system check screen however still checks only for Java 7 - see screenshot attached - which my system passes.

    As I have upgraded from R92, my Kserver has Java 7 installed currently [Java 7 was required in R92 and older].

    So, which is it? Do we need Java 7 or 8?

    Is the lack of Java 8 the reason systems have so many issues with excess RAM use, slow/unreliable liveconnect and the other issues being reported on the forums?

    I've opened a support ticket to seek clarification - #137111

  • Dear Craig Hart,

    I am running Kaseya R9.3 with Java version 8 update 92 and not experiencing any problems with Live connect. It never fails to start and it it much faster than the old Live connect.

    However the Remote Control within Live connect is extremely slow, I cant even see my mouse cursor.



  • Hi  

    I requested your ticket to get clarified by engineering.

    However, I would not expect different variations of Java to impact VSA performance as it did in the past.

    The new Edge Services in 9.3 is no longer built on Java and I believe the only services that still leverage java would be Mobility (EMM) related.

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  • , did you ever get clarification on this from engineering?

  • We recommend Java 7, as that is what we have tested against. The release notes were recently updated to clarify that.

    As has previously been stated, we moved the edge service from Java to C++. So the performance constraints we saw due to Java in 9.2 has been removed in 9.3. The only things left that uses Java is the cert management tool and EMM. We replaced the cert management tool with code written in C# for 9.4, and we hope to replace the Java requirement in 9.5 for EMM. At that point you will no longer need Java at all. Until then... use Java 7. If you have Java 8 it SHOULD work, but hasn't been fully tested.