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Kaseya Connect 2016 - Thank you!

  • I wanted to take a brief moment to say thank you to all of those able to attend Kaseya Connect 2016!  I enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many of our community members and customers in person and reconnect with others I've met in past years.  It was a great week filled with learning, training, meeting, sharing, learning, interacting, listening, learning...   (I learned a LOT from all of you!)

    Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to all of our newest Kaseya Certified Administrators who took and passed the KCA exam during our pre-conference training workshop and those prior KCAs who joined us for the recertification exam!

    I look forward to seeing you all again next year and hope to meet some new folks, as well!


  • I want to say Thank you to Brande and her wonderful team for helping me get my KCA. This was my first connect and I had a blast getting to meet the people that I only talked with through email or phone. I hope to get a chance to go to the next one and meet more people from the community.

  • It was great meeting you in person Brande! Everyone there was very helpful. You've gone miles above what the KCA exam was last year. Keep up the good work!

    Let me know about any 9.3 training that you guys are developing. I may wait to upgrade until we have a training module that I can give to my techs.

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    The University team has been hard at work refreshing the learning materials to reflect the 9.3 changes.  The updates have been made and the refreshed lessons will be posted in the next week or so.  We always aim to get the training aligned to the new release within a month of GA --- sooner whenever possible.  

  • Echoing 's comments - thank you!

  • You guys going to post that wrap video or any of the pictures?
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    Our Marketing team generally works to complete the post-production and get the shareable items posted on kaseyaconnect.com.  Due to the postproduction requirements, it may be a couple of weeks (more or less) before videos are posted.