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Sharing experience using VSA 9.3

  • We had so much problems the first day I just restored back to 9.2. Everything was much slower, We change the group on a pc then when we looked into the group we moved it to about 20 other pc from various groups had also moved to that group. I will wait till a few patches are out before I try again.

  • I've found two big problems since i've upgraded 9.2 to 9.3  (been around since the beta program)


    KLC doesn't work with WIN10 from IE11 browser. When we try that we only get an error in the new KLC.


    KLC doesn't work for agents that has been upgraded from 9.2 to 9.3.   Fresh installed agent or reinstalled agents undergoing no problems.

    Still waiting for any solutions.

  • This is the response I got from support about KLC not working on upgraded agents: Your issue has been identified to be a possible defect and has been progressed to our engineering backlog for future prioritization. It will be prioritized by our engineering team and may be addressed in a future release cycle as part of the normal process.

  • @ Simon Wong

    Same issue here. Glad to see I'm not alone.....

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  • Wow.....guess I will wait until 9.4 is out to install 9.3.  Hopefully by then all the server performance and KLC problems detailed here will have been "prioritized" and "addressed".  That wording is simply offensive for anyone experiencing problems and being told it is not a priority

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    I apologize for the response you received regarding the KLC issues.  Our engineering team is actively working to address the issues some users are experiencing with the new KLC.  This is a very high priority to Kaseya.  While I do not have an ETA at this point, your ticket has been attached to the "incident" so you should receive updates as progress is made.  

    If others are experiencing these issues, I encourage you to open a ticket.  If the root cause is the same, the ticket will be attached to the incident.  This will be the best way to ensure you get the up-to-date information as our engineering team works to resolve the underlying problem.


    I have discussed the response and your concern with Support management. They will be working with their teams to improve ticket responses to prevent recurrences of updates such as the one reported.

  • To follow up on this:

    While engineering is working to address the issues with the new KLC, you can switch back to the old ("classic") version.  Navigate to System > Default Settings and enable the option for "Use classic version of Live Connect and Quick View".

    This is not a "fix" but a workaround that should allow you to continue to leverage the previous utility until the new Live Connect is resolved.  Again, this is a very high priority for our engineering team and they are actively working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

  • This is not good. I would like to hear from Dana Epps-CTO ASAP, not 2 weeks or a month from now.

    Specifically, the product was delayed from March to April and then from April to May. Where is the QA Testing? Where are the guys who were beta testing and why didn't these issues show up sooner?

    How can there be so many seriously flawed issues after all the delays and testing? The last patch V9.2.17 was never installed because the patch was faulty and missing the updates. Did that happen again here and if so why did it happen again?

    Please I think we are all owed and explanation so we can understand better.

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  • i have 3 separate tickets open for KLC issues, Server Management\Statistics ASP page error, etc. my techs are screaming at me that they cant work !!!!

  • as a beta tester, I'd like to respond to your questions around beta testing QA.

    I'm an on-prem VSA Admin (since 6.xx on our current server). My use of Kaseya dates back to VSA Mk.1 version 5 - 7 years experience (I think). I volunteer my time for the beta program. I also write a third party open-source community add-on for Kaseya, so you can see I'm pretty enthusiastic about the product, and our whole business is completely invested in what Kaseya can do. My livelyhood and that of my employer depends greatly on Kaseya doing what it should, so I want to be a beta tester so I can make sure the product works great.

    Firstly, Kaseya won't allow us to beta test in production - that is, we can't upgrade our live VSA to a beta version. Instead, we have to build an isolated environment and test with that.

    This means all our carefully crafted agent procedures, monitors, KNM, alarms, tickets, service desk, policies, AV profiles, scripts, VSA server, third party modules, reports, SQL database etc etc etc. actually cannot actually be tested. We have to wait for the release version to do that.

    This is the main reason bugs are not caught - nobody is willing to put hours into playing with a 'virgin' environment or trying to duplicate all our thousands of hours of customization into a test env.; yes we find some obvious bugs, but the vast majority of issues cannot be found until we can upgrade our live VSA with the release version and use it 'in the real world'.

    This is a major failing of the beta program.

    Secondly, when bugs are found, the beta system requires us to raise a ticket - just like normal support - you already know where this is going.

    Beta tickets are dealt with just like normal tickets - they don't go to programmers, the go to the worldwide network of L1 helpdesk drones, who proceed to treat the ticket like any other - they try to tell us we're using the software wrong, or merely confirm the bug a few days later and "report it to engineering" using the same offensive boilerplate text copy-pasted, then the ticket goes on hold forever.

    The thing is, beta testing feedback isn't always just to report a bug. Sometimes it's a feature request (guess what the response is to that conversation) or an attempt to open a dialog to discuss something less formally. Maybe I don't need help (I actually know the product well enough to be an L3 engineer, at least), maybe I want an engineer to understand why the product isn't usable or how it needs improvement to become more usable. But Beta helpdesk just wants to tell me i'm not using the software correctly, or send me a list of irrelevant KB articles, or say "you'e right, it doesn't work that way by design". Sigh.

    Beta testing should be about establishing a dialog direct to the engineers and programmers, providing meaningful feedback, being able to make suggestions etc. and not being treated as a "dumb user that needs L1 support to read back sections of the manual". I tried to ask beta to allow an *edit* credentials (not just add or delete) - fell of deaf ears. I tried to suggest the new 'server' window of R93 LC is useless and not documented - no response. It's always been the same (I've beta'd since 6.xx) - so now I pretty much give up on trying to have a dialog about anything other than an obvious "bugs" like broken links between pages, pages with ASP errors, etc.

    Thirdly, beta testers are sworn to secrecy; we are not allowed to hold public or even beta-group-private discussions of the beta in any way. Helpdesk tickets are our sole means of offering feedback. Whilst I understand the need to limit 'bad press' for a product as it undergoes testing, this policy makes me feel like i'm in a vacuum and nobody is listening. This happens frequently - i've posted several times in this thread - no acknowledgement from and no updates to my tickets. Sigh.

    When I point all this out, Kaseya tells me that because I'm not a Kaseya certified Engineer, i should go and do that qualification, so they'll take me more seriously (i.e. come spend some more money with us). Sheesh.

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  • Dear Craig,

    I too have been with the product for a number of years. We started with version 5.2. I am a former software designer and applications programmer. We are a small MSP and could not do what we do without Kaseya.

    I truly believe it has the potential to be a great product. Unfortunately, it seems every management team has and continues to shoot itself in the foot every chance it gets.

    We ran and own a software development shop. I had to purchase high end servers starting with large mini computers and ran copies of my clients software with their data in house just to make and be sure our changes were: a) going to produce the desired affect and b) were not going to harm the client financially by impacting their business with a bugs or unintended consequences. I can't understand the value of testing in a vacuum. I learned 35 years ago as a developer we cannot see our own mistakes and cannot test every combination. As a programmer, we test what we know should work and don't try to step outside the box. Therefore testing produces 50% of product success. The other 50% is gained by trying things that were never intended and see what happens.

    The last management team was so full of themselves that they missed the point over and over. This team is better, but still not getting it or not able to do what they truly want. Since I am not inside I don't know which is the case.

    Instead of trying to hit home runs with every release they should be shooting for singles and doubles on a consistent monthly basis and don't miss a month. Make smaller changes but make them regular and consistent. This would make testing much easier and bug fixing much faster and would give the brand a reliable appeal. Leave the really big changes for the quarterly or semi annual updates. 

    Communication from Kaseya has been less than stellar and with each release seems to degenerate. Recently when patch V9.2.0.17 was released and it was known within Kaseya within a day or two that the patch was empty (no fix), it took Dana almost 8 days later to advise the community of the problem and a month later before the fix for KAV was released in patch 18. That's not being honest or transparent. If you don't want to publicize the problems, then make personal phone calls or emails to individuals or have a screened conference call or webinar. I'm sure there are many secured methods that can be employed to alert your customer base of a really big problem and that you are working on it.

    When you are told you are not a certified engineer, its their way of belittling your insights. It is clear they don't want our input, just our dollars.

    I hope someone of importance will read this and have some valuable takeaways and hopefully some quick solutions and changes.

  • I made the changes to KLC to use the old version and we can only get it to work on about 20% of the endpoints.  After all the hype last week at the conference about 9.3 I was really hoping it would work better than this.

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  • Hey guys,

    With the introduction of the new agent technology in v9.3, we are seeing some challenges in some deployments in relation to the new LiveConnect. One of the key reasons that we do controlled releases is to allow us to ensure we have resources available to resolve in-field issues that we did not see during our alpha and beta test cycles. We are working closely with the PSE team and customers to diagnose these issues and expect to have patches available in the next week to resolve most of them.

    We haven't communicated effectively on these issues; to be clear, these were not known issues at time of release, and are items we have just started to see in certain customer environments, many which have already been resolved and will be in a series of patches coming out in the coming days and weeks as they pass QA.

    Please be patient. We have every resource possible on the v9.3 items being reported and should have resolution for you shortly.

  • Dana,

    Thank you very much for speaking up here about the issues.  I always expect to see small issues when major upgrades are done, which is why we test everything in our lab for weeks prior to rolling out into our prod systems.

    Might I suggest that a "known issues" page be setup somewhere in the KB system.  That way, when we run into issues there's somewhere to start.  Just something that would increase communication and at the same time give us the ability to decide if living with known bugs (until patched) is tolerable.

    Thanks again for the discussions at the conference, it went a long way to reassure myself and my team that improvements are on the way.



  • Yes Dana,  thanks for updating us.  Communication is always a good thing.

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