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Windows 10 deploy upgrade via Kaseya

  • Hi All

    Wondering what people are doing to automate deployment of windows 10 upgrade. We have blocked the update via windows updates, but now would like to automatically start deploying the upgrade slowly without manually logging onto each system. Have used the online upgrade with success but this is a manual process.


    Script example would be great if anyone is willing to share.




  • Hi, we have done a couple of hundred with 100% success rate. Or rather, two failed but wouldn't upgrade manually either, so I'm going to mark those as "porked OS".

    This should get you most of the way: winaero.com/.../windows-10-setup-exe-command-line-switches

    Note that if Google Sync Tool is installed, it will probably break during the upgrade. The fix is to run SFC /scannow (yup, go figure). It's trivial to detect Google Sync during the Procedure, and run SFC at the end.

  • We have been using Kaseya to perform upgrades and so far so good.  

    Though some issues have come up.

    - In our environment we have Kaspersky and Cisco AnyConnect both needed to be removed before we could update and reinstalled after with their latest version (especially true of anyconnect, and Kaspersky the december 2015 release at minimum).

    - Set power settings to High Performance so computer doesn't go to sleep.  If upgrading Surface Pro 3 make sure to adjust the monitor timout as this affects when they go to sleep.

    - Any post deployment things required I would put in the /PostOOBE script as I have found that network connectivity in some cases didn't come back until I logged onto the computer, even though they are plugged into ethernet.  Strange but did happen.

    Command Line Used

    SETUP.EXE /Auto Upgrade /Quiet /showoobe none /DynamicUpdate disable /migratedrivers all /PostOOBE \\PathtoScript\script.cmd /copylogs #AgentWorkingDir#\Win10Logs

  • Where do you get this setup.exe file?

  • Hi.

    I'm a saas minnow with approx 100 agents, dealing mostly with domestic customers, some of which are your architypical "little old ladies".

    I downloaded and used the MediaCreationTool from microsoft.  This created the Windows.iso.

    Then we used z-zip to split it down into 6 manageable parts, and uploaded that to the Kaseya "Managed Files" (Shared Files section).  Then we used the script to install the upgrade. During that process, the Windows Iso is rebuilt on the customers machine, and extracted into a temp file.  That gives us the setup file, which runs with the "quiet" command line switches.

    I've found, that on a couple of occasions, not all the parts get downloaded, which causes...... problems.

    In these cases, I just log in to the machine, dl the MediaCreationTool and run it manually.

    Hardly corporate, but it does the job :)

  • Hi all,

    We released an agent procedure with the files to proceed with the Windows 10 upgrade to 1709 on Automation Exchange:


    There was also a listing about the build 1703: https://automationexchange.kaseya.com/products/407 with some discussions as to how to modify the procedure to adapt to Lan Cache or Network Shares. 

  • Wait wait wait! Eliot asked a super-important question above:

    Posted byElliot Tabushon Nov 10, 2017 8:19 AM moderate

    -------> Where do you get this setup.exe file? <---------

    Elliot Tabush, Product Manager | TabushGroup


    I've found this file from Microsoft: Windows10Upgrade9252.exe

    ...but of course that doesn't do anything but call the setup.exe file and immediately start upgrading without any parameters (as far as I could tell). We desprately need the Windows update that asks the user whens/he wants to update, and that isn't available with the Windows10Upgrade9252.exe file.


  • setup.exe is found on the Windows .iso.

    For upgrading Windows 10 version (1809-1903 for example), the only way for user to choose is for user to go to Windows Update settings manually.

    This thread is nearly 4 years old. A more updated process is here: automationexchange.kaseya.com/.../620

    This one downloads the Windows Upgrade assistant from the web and run it silently. (Although, now it's grabbing 1909, not 1903).