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How to manage forum / topic notifications?

  • Apologies in advance if I'm asking in the wrong place, but...

    Is there any way to configure one's community account to get notifications ONLY on threads to which they've posted or originated (i.e., standard behavior for most forums)? I'm getting emails from apparently every new topic and all replies. I've looked at my board settings, but it appears to be all or nothing unless I'm just overlooking it.


  • Hi  

    I have provided an explanation in the following thread on how to unsubscribe from the forums;


    You can always subscribe to specific threads once you un-subscribe from a forum

    Going forward, I am going to make a more official document and attach it to the top of the forums to make this easier to find.

  • So, turn everything off and then enable only those specific threads you're interested in as you participate in them. That should work.



    Yep, that is correct. 

    You can always re-subscribe to a forum should you want ALL communications from said forum.