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KLC Effectively Unusable. Any solutions?

  • With Chrome out, I've been fighting the KLC plugins in IE and Firefox for months. I had hoped 9.2 would fix it, but I think it might be worse. I have tried fresh OS installs with fresh browser installs with fresh plugin installs and I'm still having stability issues with the plugins. Sans plugins, the browsers work fine, so that isn't the issue. I have searched through here high and low to no avail but I have a hard time believing that we are the only house with these issues. Does anybody else have any solutions or fixes that have been successful for them?

  • ive been feeling your pain as well..  

    Slimjet browser has been pretty good to me

    see my post


  • There was a patch released for R9.2 that supposedly addresses the LC issues with FireFox.

    I am still on R9.1 right now and have not had any issues with LC in IE11.

    It looks like Kaseya is gearing up to fully replace LC as we know it with project hydra in R9.3 which seems to have been pushed back to April, but they are testing it now. So really it's just a matter of holding our a few more months hopefully.

  • We have that patch installed (, but LiveConnect in Firefox still crashes when you attempt to use a module like Command Shell.

    Unfortunately, users of Kaseya are far too used to hearing "a few more months". It has become meaningless. I really wish we had stayed on  7.0. Our problems with Kaseya really only started 6 months ago when we moved to 9.1 and subsequently to 9.2. I wish I could turn back time.

  •  I'm trying to use both Firefox and IE, but in IE when editing large procedures, the plugins become completely unresponsive. I am CONSTANTLY losing work because the procedure editor simply freezes the entire browser and I cannot proceed. I have tried uninstalling plugins, clearing browser cache, all the typical crap to absolutely no avail. I'm really not asking for much, only that the product works as-intended. I can't believe we've been left hanging this long.

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  • Hi  

    Have you created any tickets on this?

    Please let me know if you have and if the # can be provided.

    I have not seen this behavior in the Agent Procedure editor.

  • I haven't created any tickets, primarily because I don't have much luck with support tickets unless I ask our salesperson to get involved and he puts pressure on someone to respond. I haven't had much luck here on the forums either, so I've resigned myself to grumbling about my problems to myself. With that said, I'm really really hoping that 9.3 brings some resounding changes because 9.x has really been a disaster for us.

  • They've completely rebuilt Live Connect in 9.3. I've had a chance to see it and play with it- The look, feel and functionality are all improved. They should be rolling it out this month.