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General advice and guidance for new Kaseya user / admin

  • I work for a Windows-centric MSP that was recently acquired by a larger (national) organization. We're going to transition to Kasya (9.0 currently) to come in line with the rest of the organization. However, we'll still be our own organization, with our own customers as sub-organizations under us. So, our "server" will be a branch of our parent organization's on-prem server.

    I come from a technical background in my previous job -- Mostly *nix (Solaris, Linux), although I had my MCSE on NT 4.0 many years ago for a very brief time. The reason I mention that is: I've used Windows daily for years, but I'm definitely not a Windows admin / engineer as such. Nonetheless I will be the primary Kaseya admin and migration project lead, naturally! So, I've jumped (been pushed?) into the deep end of the pool, swimming with the sharks.  Surprise

    I have no prior experience with Kaseya, but have viewed a number of publically available videos on KU. I'm also reading documentation, but it's a pretty fragmented way to learn. I have admin access into "our" Kaseya server and am building up a test environment and am in the poking-around stage, but need to make progress RSN.

    Can anyone recomment a general course / roadmap of resources I can utilize to get Kaseya deployed, configured and working for our customers?

    The technical details should be in the docs (hopefully), but they're more reference-oriented than tutorial. I'm looking for high(er) level procedural guidance, etc.: Learn this first, this next, in the right order, watch out for that, etc.

    In the 2.5 years I've been at this job, we've gone from LabTech & Managed Workplace (LPI) to N-able and now to Kaseya, for varioius reasons. I'm not unfamiliar with RMM environments, but no expert either.

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


  • Depending on your setup, you may want to look into becoming a KCA. It's the certification offered by Kaseya to be a (Kaseya) Certified Administrator. That was the best jump start I could have gotten.

    help.kaseya.com should be your number 1 resource. That document has walked me through many issues.

    If you already have a VSA running in your parent org, then whoever is the admin there just needs to create you a user, role, and scope to get you up and running.

    Search and stay active on this fourm. I read almost every post that makes it here. Seeing other people work through problems teaches me a lot that I can use to fight fires in my own environment.

    As far as deploying, if you don't have any old agents from your previous RMMs left, then a lan/domain watch is going to be the easiest. Check the Kaseya Tech Jams youtube page to see if you can find any details on how to use that. (If you still have old agents from your old RMM, just write a script to install the installer for the agent.)

    If you have a trusted point of contact at each location, you could also send the installer to your contact and ask them to install it on each machine. Depending on the size of the business, that may or may not be a good idea.

    Open a ticket, as well as make a fourm post when you encounter issues. It's good to get the technical side from a Kaseya tech, but the community here is one of the best around. I can name a few guys I always see active on fourm posts helping users out. This is one of the best places to get help with your Kaseya environment.

    Hope this helps! Good luck, and welcome to the community!!


    Welcome! We are always glad to have another Kaseyan!

     brings up some great points and hit all of the resources you should look at.

    The KCA Administrator path is geared towards administrators new to the VSA product.

    There will be a live KCA Bootcamp at Kaseya Connect in May if you want  in-person training.

    I would also recommend setting up a test server or test instance for you to play with Kaseya without having to worry about impacting any existing customers.

    Hope this provides some more insight.

  • Great points all - Thanks for the feedback. I was away from my desk for a bit, but appreciate the info. I plan on perusing the boards here ASAP.