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Hide Old Machine Groups

  • Does anyone know if there is a way to Hide old Machine Groups? If you remove the old Groups completely, what happens to old tickets, etc. that were under that Group? I just want to Hide them from the Dropdown.


  • The easiest way to limit the dropdown selector, is to create a new scope and only include the required machine groups. Select that scope and the un-wanted groups are 'hidden'.

    There is no mechanism to 'hide' or make a machine group inactive, and I suspect that if you delete the group completely (and/or the agents within) you'll almost certainly lose all the history. The downside is that the agents still consume licences.

    A much-needed feature is to deactivate a machine/MG/ORG so it doesn't consume any licences, but to keep the history intact. This of course can lead to license abuse, so it may be a tricky one for Kaseya to manage.