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Win10/Kaspersky Update

  • For Win 10, Kaspersky has notified us that they plan to provide a GA version of their product to us during mid-December and we will immediately integrate and start the testing process to release an update to R9.2 and then R9.1 as quickly as possible once we have the new GA version.  

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  • That's good to know, for several customers we do need this version...

    Thanks Tracy for sharing!

  • Thanks.

  • Looks like Kaspersky has released Kaspersky Endpoint Security build (aka SP1 MR2) -


    Hopefully the new KAV release from Kaseya isn't too far behind!

  • Release notes can be found from here:


  • Hi,

    any plans to make available the KAV modules that are currently disabled (proactive antivirus, access control, anti-spy, anti-spam)?

  • Why do the release notes do not list Windows 10 as a supported operating system?

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    The 9.2 System Requirements list the supported operating systems, including Windows 10:  

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2, 2003 R2 SP2, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2
    • Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

    The 9.2 Release Notes do list Win10 under the "Supported Operating System Changes" section:  

    Supported Operating System Changes

    • Support for Windows 10 was added.
    • Installing the KServer on XP SP3 and Vista is no longer supported.

    Is there somewhere else you were expecting to see this information?

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  • Now that the update has been released by Kaspersky, do we have an estimated release date for the Kaseya module?  We have a lot of customers that are asking every day for an update.

  • Hey Brande, I think Art Blue was referring to the Kaspersky release notes.

    The links are not very clear but MR2 was released with Win10 support.
    And rbloch asks the question everyone would like an answer to.
    We were told it would be intergrated almost immediately, but at this time there has been no update on this.

    Do you have news for us....?

  • We are also waiting on WIn10/KAV.  We just updated to 9.2 today.

  • As an update, mid-last week we received the GA Version of Kaspersky with support for Win 10.  We are currently implementing the new version and expect to complete development this week.  We will then perform   regression testing for approximately a week (with millions of endpoints that will be updated, this is a critical step to ensure the new version operates properly and updates without issue) and plan to release it the first week in January.  We will update his space this week as we complete the integration.

  • Thanks for this information! Good to hear a projected ready date!!

  • Having a more recent version of Kaspersky hopefully will also resolve our unexpected shutdowns.
    We see unexpected shutdowns mostly on Patch Management related reboots for servers, but also on normal scheduled reboots.
    Somehow the reboot times out because Kaspersky locks files or causes the reaction to the reboot to take to long.

    Kaspersky has a fix for this, but the current version of kav in Kaseya predates the fix.
    It would be a nice start of the year to get Win10 support and resolve this issue.

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  • A brief update from Product I wanted to share:

    We have completed the integration.  We are testing the new Kaspersky version.  We anticipate patching this new version out in the next 10 days for 9.2.  9.1 will follow later in Jan.

    More news as we have it.  Thanks again for your patience and support.