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Templates: Scheduled procedures not scheduled/executed on agents

  • I use policies for most things, but due to weaknesses in procedure scheduling through policies, I'm attempting to schedule a handful of procedures to execute at first check-in via templates.  From the reading I've done, I believe I'm supposed to be able to schedule procedures on new agents as follows:

    • Create template
    • Configure template to have desired settings, including scheduled procedures
    • Create a new package and choose to copy settings from template during wizard
    • Procedures should be scheduled when agent is installed using new deployment package

    I've done this, and when the new agent is installed, the Agent Procedure Status shows as completely empty until after policies are applied several minutes later.  The items scheduled in the template never show up in the Agent Procedure Status window, and are never run.

    If I copy template settings to the agent once it's installed, the procedures show up as expected.

    I haven't been able to find any solution to this issue through my online searches.  Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here?


  • I can verify it's working for me, I schedule the AP in the past in the template so that they queue up to run right after the agent install/template apply.  I'm applying the template in with the agent install.  Then they flow into policy management based on views and other APs queue up but don't run immediately like the template based APs scheduled in the past.