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R9.1 Login page branding

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It seems to be unpossible to change the new login page branding :

I cannot change the background picture..

I would like to change the 'Sign in to your Kseya account into something else...

Any ideas ?

Kind regards,


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  • Hello,

    We currently have a Feature Request in for login page customization - I don't have any update as to when this may be available.


  •  If you don't want to wait for that - just login to your kserver and make the following changes.

    Create and copy a new VSA_Background.jpg into C:\Kaseya\WebPages\access - overwriting the existing file I'm not putting resolution of the graphics on here as YMMV - I've tweaked mine until I'm fed up changing it as it's not very friendly to do.

    After that you'll need to copy new versions of  logoforlogin.gif & Profilepic_User_Default.png into C:\Kaseya\WebPages\themes\default\images  - overwriting the existing files.

    Be warned though that when you do any updates it will overwrite with the default files and you'll need to perform this task again.  I guess it could be scripted, I've just not had the time.

  • Hi  

    To clarify -- the background image can be changed, however the measurements of the frame in which the image will display is now different and some of the formats of your images may not work.

    Additionally, there is new messaging/logo on the front page. The specific text you are trying to 'hide' or 'remove' is hardcoded into a .DLL File and cannot be modified without recompiling code.

    I am progressing this internally to see if we can get this reviewed again.

    With all that said, if you are an On-Premise client and want an immediate workaround  - You can point to a custom/unique photo on your kserver in x:\Kaseya\WebPages\Access folder.

    This will require modifying Kaseya files and settings may be reverted when running Kinstall/Upgrading, etc.

    Ensure you have proper backups of the files you modify incase of any situation that may arise.

    I have run a Reapply Schema on this server and the settings did remain intact.

    First, point to the image and you will need to ensure that its able to displayed properly on the page.

    I am also going to mention from my initial testing, directing to a file that is not a .gif -- lets say .png/.jpg or various other files it may not display. 

    Here is the location and and link association:

    Ok, so once the custom image is set - ensure it is visible or not overlapped by the login frame/box.

    If its overlapped, you can adjust the .CSS file to move the Logon Frame. This can be done on the file (C:\Kaseya\vsaPres\assets\css\login.css)

    Or you can adjust the image placement itself in the picture so it appears in different place on the logon page.

    If its not visible, and you are using .png/.jpg or something different then .gif - try to create it as a .gif file and verify if it displays.

    From there you can modify a few more settings directly from this .CSS file or some of the login files located in :C:\Kaseya\vsaPres\Web20\core to meet your needs.

    In regards to the text you are trying to hide "Sign in to your Kaseya Account" --- as mentioned this is hardcoded into a .dll file and cannot be changed so easily.

    The best workaround for the time being I could come up with is to hide the text by making it very small or the color white which is the color of my background for the most part:

    Once this is adjusted, you should have what you are looking for.

    Here is a screencap of what my login VSA appears as running 9.1 on latest patch:

    This is how it appears in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

    However, Mozilla FireFox has scaling problems with my image that I am still trying to work out, so you may want to just adjust your custom image to prevent this.

    All of this information is from my own internal testing and review.

    I have not had a confirmation as to the status of this function just yet.

    I will keep investigating this internally and let you know if we have any updates about this issue going forward.

    If you want to implement the changes I provided and they do not seem to be working, let me know.

    Best Regards,


  • I have my orignal back,  and yes I,ve altered the login.css....

    Made a scheduled task to restore the crafted login.css along with the images I need.

    Thanks guys.

    forgot images
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